Sunday, December 17, 2006


The corridor was eerily silent, the only sound that I could hear of was the sound of my very own footsteps and the airflow of the ventilation pipes.

There were doors by the side. I opened one of them n realized that it was not the place I wanted to go. But I remembered I took the right entrance, for sure.

I inhaled the hot air together with millions of unseen particles in it and walked back to the entrance.

I was lost, in the carpark area of a megamall.

Apparently I found my way out at last, if not I wouldn't have posted this. Not to mention the 30 minutes traffic jam in the carpark.

We knew it right away when we were lost in a mall, in a town, in a city, even in a country. But how do we know that we are following the right path in life?

Is the way that most people walking are the correct one? I just couldn't figure it out. It's so confusing. There're bloody 6 billion of human being on earth. How should I know who to follow?

Is there any roadsigns or maps for life? I need a explicit one. The one which directs with the most detailed n distinct instruction that it even tells me how to go back if I follow the wrong way.
I wish I could be an auto-pilot human. I wish I have no need to think about choices. I wish I could just follow the instructions and make no decisions. I wish I have no emotion, no sensation, no feeling. I wish I could fall in love with no one. I wish I have no self-awareness. I wish I need no one to care for. I wish I need no best friends. I wish I need no soul mate. I wish I need nothing.

But they're wishes that will never be granted. Never, ever.

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