Sunday, October 01, 2006

Home Sweet Home

3 nice things about being at home

1. the food is nice. freaking tasty. KL food sucks. (mostly)
2. meeting up with frens. realize there're still people who care.
3. stress-free. do watever i like. like watever i do.

3 bad things about being at home

1. sometimes i get confused with who m i, who was i, and who will i be.
2. there're frens that r away from hometown when u feel like seeing them most.
3. i'll have to adjust myself for holiday mood, and then readjust again when i get back to uni. emotionally, mentally, physically and lingually.

the passed thursday was my very first time driving from KL to Nibong Tebal. my buddy was with me. joking all the way up. it was a pleasant journey. oh yeah, my buddy is staying with me. anyhow he went off to alor setar visiting relatives. will be back few days later.

the first night on thursday i met up with some frens in ah thai kopitiam. n they said i ate like i have never eaten anything since i went to KL. lol. but the food is real nice. so much better.

n we bragged n cracked jokes n laughed. we talked bout how we used to be, how lives go on, n how will it be. we also talked bout the diff people we met in our new lives. acting as if it's so tough to leave hometown. hahah.

today i went for basketball. i realized that i m slowly losing the bond with this sports that i used to love n play so much. i mean i still love it. but no longer that passionate. unlike some of my frens. they still got the passion n enthusiasm.

i have been away for 5 months. n i'll be at home for a week. then goes another 2 months.

is this wat they say growing up? i don feel like goin home often. i started to think differently. i m getting less passionate with the stuffs n people that i used to be passionate with. i started to focus on something else. studying is one of them. i started to integrate into this big society. i seek wat is needed. n i observe n i learn. i learn that reality is always uglier than wat i think it is. i also learn tat sometimes holding on to my own principle seems to be foolish, but if i let go of it, i m left with nothing, not even my integrity. n i know that not all frens stay as frens when time passes by, sometimes they become stranger, sometimes even worst, they become enemies. that's y it's important to treasure those who stick by my side, back me up, believe in me, n listen to me.

yawn. i m tired.

Good night. and all the best to those having PMR on monday, especially my lil bro.

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