Sunday, October 29, 2006

Exhausted. Contented. Rejuvenated.

I spent my Raya n Deepavali's holidays in Kuala Selangor, a 4-day-3-night camp.

My body was exhausted. My mind was contented. My soul was rejuvenated.

Somehow, I realised something that I should have realised long time ago. Life is part of creation. This life will come to an end. This world will come to an end. but there's always something eternal.

We always know something exist eternally, and something doesn't. but y do people nowadays keep chasing things that r temporary.

We always say "I love you forever". In our mind we know that love can stay forever. but we spend all our time chasing things that can't last. like beauty, wealth, things that we can touch, we can see, we can feel. We r so empty that we need things to spice up our lives. eventhough it's temporary. We can't see the bigger picture ahead.

Simply because we r so blind.

I wasted my time. Doing all kind of stuffs. Hoping that I'll be accepted, recognised. I sacrificed my relationship with others to exchange something else.

I used to long for freedom. Unlimited freedom. but no one has unlimited freedom. Human is so naive that they thought when they can do anything they want it's freedom. The fact is that human is controlled by their emotion, their basic needs, their hormones, and other's words.
Basically no one has absolute freedom. Unless u can get rid of ur emotion, ur past experience, ur basic need.

Most importantly, human is restrained by the law of physics and the law of nature. U have the freedom to jump down from KLCC, or lie on the LRT's subway track, but u'll have to bear the consequences of death.

Therefore, u have the freedom n right to reject the ultimate law of the Creator. U can spit on it, u can use the bloodiest adjectives on earth to humiliate it, u can reject it, but u'll have to bear the consequences of death, eternally.

Life is like a roll of toilet paper, it may seem long and we wasted it on shit. Yeah. At least it cleaned some ass. Never ever allow urself to be the shit that need someone else to clean it up.

The story started with a mistake i made. I insulted and hurt someone so badly. I feel so sorry but there's nothing i can do. The damage is done. I hope it can happen all over again so that i can amend it. It's impossible so i try my best to work it out.

I hope the story can end with a ^-^ I couldn't afford to lose another fren.


anson said...

we r bro n sis in christ.. i dun think he will keep the mad on u forever.. :)

Kyflein said...

All component things are subject to change.

~an alien dropped by~

sicy said...

God moulded us thru different experiences in order for us to be a better person. It keeps you growing. There's still a lot of challenges that you need to face in the future. Keep it up!

specialhuman said...

anson: i guess ya~ :D

alien: yeah u r right. but there're things beyond.

sicy: thanx. learning. being molded.