Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Scattering Thoughts & Wandering Soul

So a month passes by, and a blog remains un-updated.

No big deal. I m still alive.

Well, nothing big happens. Small things happen everyday, it’ll take forever if I m telling here.

Time was spent in other stuffs. I actually read some books which I will not have time to if I have internet access.

And I just discovered the fun side of driving. I’m enjoying the joy of acceleration as while as the pain of pumping the petrol. It’s a freaking rm1.92/liter. It would be perfect if all the fuel burned can be recycled and I wouldn’t have to think twice to step on the accelerator. And my parking skill has level-up-ed. A big thanks to my condo parking lot which provides smallest space possible for each car, and highest charge possible.

Well, I just don like complications. But when things get messed up, people yell and that’s wat I regard as complications. Perhaps I m too naïve for this world. Life is a combination of people and things and these alone are enough to be disastrous.

Exam is a merciless and silent killer. Out of the blue my fren told me my white hair is increasing. Hell. Pimples growing. Mathematics is torturing. Well perhaps it’s fun to learn but it’s another completely different story for exam. I’ll be having my first exam next week. Until 13 of Sep.

I’m studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering. It’ll be a 4-year course. This is only the very first semester. So basically I’ll learn about circuits and components and electricity and voltage and current and wat ever is in hand phones, computers…….well, gadgets. Thank God I like wat I m studying. Don like exam though.

My campus life is a bit dull honestly. Well, UTAR is small and not much people in it. Anyway there’re still hot chicks. To be frank KTAR has more. But the thing is that in UTAR most of the students r, well, more studious. The proof is that in KTAR u’ll see hot chicks in canteen, walking around the campus. But in UTAR all the hot chicks gather around in library. Lol. Which makes life easier. Haha. Well perhaps I m a bit exaggerating. Maybe it’s because UTAR campus is too freaking small. Hahah. Stand in the middle and u r surrounded by the 6 blocks all over u. 2007 May intake will take place in Kampar, the big and new campus. actually it’s like this, UTAR has 4 branches scattered around Klang Valley. But next year all the new intakes will be in the new campus in Kampar. And we’ll remain studying in where we are. So I’ll have another batch of juniors next January intake and no more. Not sure whether it’s a good thing or bad thing. It depends.

FYI, I’ll not be goin back to Penang so soon. Not right after exam. Of course we’ll be having the usual celebration after exam. (the last time was singing KTV for 6 hours, lol) still haven planned the coming one though. However the main reason is that I have to move house. Again! Lol. Hard to explain why but it’s due to some complications too. Things get complicated. Don’t they~?

So i'll be having internet access only until october. so treasure the time to msn with me. :D

From this update I guess u can see my thoughts scatter and my soul wanders. U r welcomed to comment on my thoughts, or my soul. Lol.


Anonymous said...


hmm.. learning is fun, but definitely not exams. if there were no exam in this world, more ppl will be eager to learn, # of ppl with mental illness will decrease, and rate of suicide cases will fall. But i might be wrong...

there's nothing wrong with ur thoughts and soul. i guess.
just, don't grieve too much. it only kills brain cells.

all da best in ur exam!


megdalyn said...

shiftin again?? hmm.... tak penat kerrrrr???

exams kinda sux... haha.. my exam is like less den 20 days from now.. n im stil here.. online, chat, watch tv.. haiz..

gud luck yaaa!!