Friday, June 02, 2006


Long time no post. I'm back to KL. This time there're some difference...

1. I've moved to a new house. Without internet. Will be having it soon.
2. I've got a car to drive.
3. I'm now a UNIVERSITY student~!

Basically. i've got nothing to blog about. driving in KL is eating up my wallet! all the, it's fun to have a car. lepak all the while~!

n Snatch Theft is horrible!! Somehow i tot snatch theft only happens in the newspaper or to my fren's frens. However fewdays ago i juz witnessed a snatch theft in front of me with my own eyes. N u'll think that happened at night on a narrow street with no one. instead it's totally opposite!!! it happened during the broad daylight with a lot of passer-by on the road. A girl was snatched by 2 motorcyclists juz like that! i mean it. so simple! the bike drove pass her, the one sitting behind snatched, the girl fell, n the bike fleed! it happened in less than 10 seconds, with more than 10 pairs of eyes looking at it, in front of my university. Pathetic huh.

N i couldn't see the plate number. It's too fast n too far.

Never walk alone.


megdalyn said...

hey kvvvv...
got car to drive d wor.. haha.. must come find me k.. haha.. neway.. becareful.. even guys oso can be their victim..

specialhuman said...

:D heheh....thanx for ur concern. i'll be careful~

hewyaohua said...

yalo~ so good~ to have a car.. but the petrol in malaysia is so expensive.. i got a shock when i see it is not 1.3X anymore.. walau..

anyway, u didnt save the gal ar? hero ma... anyway, which uni are you in now?

Catherine Er said...

Well, the gal must be not leng lui enuf..pls la Kae everyone's hero, not leng luis'only. :D