Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Redang = Paradise~!

Ask me wat's paradise, and i'll tell u it's Redang Island~!! i spent the last 3 days in redang, an awesome trip.

We reached Kuala Terengganu on this beautiful sunday. waiting for the bus to get us to merang jetty n then get to redang by boat. Initially there're 14 of us goin but one of us couldn't join us due to some emergency incidents, so here we are, the Redang Thirteen. :D

Then we boarded on the boat n off we went to this beautiful island.
The boat roared n we sat on the deck throughout the 40 minutes trip.

The moment we approached the island, we were all stunned by the utter gorgeous view of the island. The sea was greenish-crystal-clear blue and we could actually see the bottom. after settling down, we had our lunch n got on another boat to do the very first snorkelling in Marine Park. It was such a cool experience. above the sea there was actually nothing but the moment u dunked ur head in the sea u witness a total different world. coral, wat-do-u-call-them fishes, aquatic lifeform, u name it, formed the underwater world. we snorkelled for 3 times, each 1 hour plus. besides fish n coral, we actually saw turtle, sharks, and weird aquatic lifeform. n we were so lucky that we even saw dolphine, not during snorkelling but when we were travelling on the boat to another location! guess this is a bonus of our trip. :D

evening was the best time to play at the beach. n no doubt we all enjoyed. besides swimming, splashing water, canoeing, we actually came out with some extreme ideas to play of! this fren of mine, came out with a prank n decided me to be the target. of coz the innocent me didn't know that. i was swimming n out of all sudden all 12 of them surrounded me n grabbed my hand n feet to the middle of the sea. then, they formed a circle n i was in the middle of it. for heaven's sake, they asked me to take off my underwear! or else they were gonna take it off for me! left with no choice, i took it off (there were a lot people by the beach!) n they threw it on the beach n buried it! n i had to swim all the way up to the beach n dug the thing out! i was like so embarassed coz there were people watching! however, after 1 minute of humiliation i successfully found this piece of cloth! see the video below! :S hehe

we too built a sandman with extra large muscle n heheh, u know it, again we attracted a lot of passer-by. lol

besides, we stayed in this resort called redang bay and it's facing east. therefore we got the chance to sea the sunrise. however this 2 days the cloud were thick thus we couldn't see the sun yolk. anyway it was still a marvelous scenery.

here comes the old saying, a picture paints a thousand word. lazy to story anymore. Look at hte pictures!

In a nutshell, this is a very enjoyable trip! :D

On the Way to Redang

The boat roared!!

I love the Sea!!

Clean n Clear

Welcome to Pulau Redang!

Our masterpiece! The hunk!

Redang Football Team






More More Tea Inn!


Going back.

Bye Redang~!


megdalyn said...

soo niceeeee.... so lil pic only??? im sure u took more pic den dat ... haha..

kesiannnn... hahaha.. u very innocent one meh?? hahaha...

esther said... nice ur trip..sorry 4 i cnt go..but i believe that with me u all also very very fun la...
u take so few pic oli me more mah...
aiyoyo....u very pity by them but luckly n finaly u also found it la...hehe=)
hope to c u soon...
Happy Holiday..~~

anson said...

nice one kaevin!
i like redang too...
so hope that can go there one more time!
sunrise... same fate with us... too thick the cloud... so couldn't have clear view of it.. wat a pity...

frankly speaking... too many of u...
i would prefer 4-persons trip...

last time i went there with cf, py, and py sis...
we enjoyed there alot...just like u...
and tell u wat...
redang is true!!
my reason is bcoz i dun need to worry anything there!!
just play, eat, play, eat, play, sleep, then play again!
wao! cool man~~
i really like it!
hope that i may go with u next time!

specialhuman said...

yup. i took lotsa pics.....n i m innocent :D

yup i m pitiful~ hahaha

sorry late reply~! think i'll not go to redang again. looking for new spot to go :D hehehe