Sunday, April 16, 2006


The uttermost pathetic feeling is to feel unwanted. like the whole world has already forgotten me. nobody cares. that's the feeling that generates anger, grudge, resentment and hatred.

eventually i just realized that nobody actually needs me. my existence is but meaningless. it's merely a state of being. no matter how hard i struggle. 6 billion other beings has overpowered me. the world would not have any difference without me.

i breathe only for stupidity. even a butterfly's wings are more significant than me. they can create the butterfly effect.

all this while i'm trying to prove that i m useful. i don wan to be labelled as rubbish. but people do not even trash me becoz they never bother to. i rather people spit on me, trash me, mock me. at least they are aware of my existence.

if only i could. evaporate from the surface of earth. suffocate in the sea of oxygen. forget my own existence. decide my own fate. decompose into atoms. convert into some non-existence. claim for my identity.

behold, even a killer and a rapist are wanted.


megdalyn said...

eh kvvv... why like dat wor?? u noe deres ppl care for u one ma... me laa... soursand leh? haiz.. don feel so unwanted laa... take care k?? luv u!!!

Shin Sar said...

hoi kaevin, life is never fair..
It only depends on how you look at it.. Happy or sad, life still ahve to go on..
and there are still many things ahead of you that need you to experience..
So, don't give up..
you still have a long journey..
take care..

hewyaohua said...

hoi... life is not so meaningless la. The life now and the life previuosly(i meant life in high schools) is different. Don't compare, and i think you will live happier. :)

jasminehuimin said...

jasmine here aight :)! i went ns for 6 weeks n every 2 weeks i come home..but caught no sign of u online..neway..every sunday i get my hp..i realli tot of playing sms with u and stuff..but..i dun even haf ur number :). u mean alot to me. at least i do think bout u and did pray for u..and i mean it ..simply cuz i treat u as one of my gud fren :)! church frenx also dun bother me one ma..things wil turn out fine by god's grace..ok? hehe.. *hUgOxXx*

specialhuman said...

than everyone. glad to know that u all care :D