Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Mere Looking Back - 05/06

Last year. 21 May 2005. Was the first day that i stepped in Tunku Abdul Rahman College. And tomoro will officially be the last day that i have any acquaintanceship with this college. As I'm gonna 'graduate' from my foundation course and proceed to UTAR. (though both the campuses are within walking distance! and of coz, provided that I'm not failing any subjects this semester.)

and i have had a great time. with all my classmates. one year, n we r gonna take on different courses. juz wanna thank u all. for all the good time we had~ and forget not our utter crazyness!!

and tomoro test is web page design, so....nothing wrong for me to update my blog!! lol

this is a collection of 40 utmost memorable photo. We did it in our web page assignment. no time for caption though~ ;p


Anonymous said...

jacky-M5C1 here
i also felt the same way with u. Utter craziness of our coll classmates. This was the most happiest moment in my life. Never had such a fun throughtout of my life even in secondary skool. Yah i agree that we all gonna spilt up when we study in utar especially ur best friends buddy,Zhi Chao. Without him, u b alone n so am i. Hey, our redang trip. I hope that this trip was fun as in penang trip. Mz u buddy, take care oo.. Cya in 6th of may..take care...:)

specialhuman said...

sure~ we'll be having fun in redang in no time~! C u man~