Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Loneliness is

when u have some joke to crack, but no body to crack with.

when there're so many people around u, but u have no one to talk to.

when u wake up in the middle of the night, feeling as if u r dead.

when u r eating, the only thing u look at is the food.

when u have a million reasons to celebrate, but u realize u've got no one to celebrate with.

when u lie down on the bed, counting how many words have been spoken today.

when u stumble n fall, u reach out ur hands, n no one holds them.

when u r standing on the top of the world, n u feel like u rather jump down.

Loneliness is not being alone. Being alone is not being lonely.

Loneliness is something abstract. It's how ur mind works.

U can never feel lonely if u know someone out there cares about u, even if u r alone.

Life is about sharing. The more u share with others, the less u'll feel lonely.

It all happens within the brain.

and it sucks

i m lonely


Anonymous said...

5 stages of loneliness
(modified from 5 stages of death)

Stage 1: Denial - I'm not lonely

Stage 2: Anger - I told you, I'm not lonely!

Stage 3: Bargaining - Alright, I admit that sometimes I do feel lonely, but that doesn't mean I'm lonely!

Stage 4: Depression - So, they said I'm lonely, am I? I guess so...

Stage 5: Acceptance - Yea, I'm lonely

specialhuman said...

haha....n which stage do u think i m?

megdalyn said...

hey kv korkor!!..
why so lonely wor? find gf lor.. den ma not lonely lor.. heheeheh.... find one day we go yam cha together k.. wif jeff, soursand n alison oso ler... miss u lots!!!

specialhuman said...

finding a gf is not a solution.

n sure, when u guys wanna hang out just call me~ :D

leong said...

sometimes u will feel u r not lonely, but ur heart!
but i don think u r lonely!

specialhuman said...

lol. ya. i think i m not lonely too :D