Thursday, March 02, 2006

Back to Concrete Jungle

Finally, i'm now in Jalan Genting Klang, Kuala Lumpur.....where the recent H5N1 virus was found....

well. i actually survived one month withour streamyx. is that an achievement? not quite sure but juz kinda realize that i still got plenty stuffs to do. n it's nonetheless quite fun.

let see. i have read 3 books in this month.("the bonesettler's daughter", "a beautiful mind", n "sleepy head"). n watch countless of movies. had fun with frens. met up with quite a lot of long-time-no-see frens. basketball all day long. watching astro (which was newly installed). driving. motor-biking. cycling. swimming. last but not least - EAT!! penang food is irresistible! (however i loss 2kg. not quite sure how, perhaps the basketball all day long part does the trick?)

then those dudes n gals from my class actually paid me a visit. brought them around to have fun n enjoy penang food. so were my church frens from kl. yup. one of my activities in these one month holiday is tour guiding. :D

well....not quite sure wat to write. my life for this pass one month is ermm.....enjoyable, relaxing, quiet, perhaps peaceful? i can actually take my time diong lotsa stuffs that i might not have done if there's a computer connected to internet around. say tidying my room? reading all my diaries? digging out all my photo album n reminiscing? Day-dreaming? Napping on the couch?

ya. i live in nostalgia.

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