Friday, January 13, 2006

we r nuts~

today is the last day of semester 2 for my course. next wednesday will be the exam. n then it'll last until 25/1 then i m a free man for one month~!! haha

today we took quite some photo. but i decided only to upload this hilarious video which was taken addidentally here.

another thing, my classmates from other states r coming to penang during the semester break to hang out. they r staying in my house...hahah...cant imagine wat kind of madness~

this is my classmates with my lecture (the one with my hand pointing to)
replay for a few times....hahah~, u'll see something funny~ :D n look at the poses....hilarious~

life is full of well as friends~ at least, i should appreciate those who r by my side.....

Positive thinking is when a bird flies by and shits on your head, you look up, smile and thank God that cow doesn't fly~!


megdalyn said...

hahaha.. coooool!!! hahahahaha.. i wonder why guys like to pok mong each other.. nth else better to do d one hor?? hahaha...

Good Luck in ur exams... i noe u will pass wif flyin colours one..
take care

Anson said... glad that you are not the guy that being pok mong... else many others wil be very sad... of course some of them will be happy... :p

not to worry much about ur exam if you have done ur part well...i know u can... :)

Penang Podcast said...

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specialhuman said...

meg: girls will not understand guys forever....:p

anson: thanx.... :D

penang podcast: update me with the news....