Thursday, January 26, 2006

new n fresh

phew....exam is over n i m free~ hang out with frens after exam. bought some stuffs. will be goin back to nibong tebal in 2 days time.

so. did this layout by myself...will change it time to time. any comments?

3 months away from home. i should be keen to getting home n i should be excited to be able to go home for new year.

anyhow, i m not feeling wat i m supposed to feel. i don feel like leaving KL. perhaps i already get used to the things here. perhaps it's the newton first law of inertia. things naturally r reluctant to change. i donno.

perhaps it's the friendship that i have had here.

to me, they r friends...

...that had lunch with me when no one else does.
...that drove me here n there.
...that handed me a bottle of medicine when i injured.
...that laughed at my crappy cantonese.
...that left a bunch of shit in my toilet then laugh their asses off when i almost fainted
...that gathered in my house for 3 days before exam.
...that stayed awake tru out the night to study together.
...that laughed together when there's actually nothing funny.
...that watched movie together
...that told me i m not as goodlooking as i thought
...that waited outside the fitting room telling me how i looked when buying new clothes.
...that cracked jokes together till late night.
...that whistled at hot chicks together.

Good things always don last long. guess i'll have to treasure people around.

Happy Chinese New Year~ :)


ImGodsLove said...

It's a simple yet very refresing background.With the A-bit-blur group picture behind the background,and with your good command of english has already added more striking colours to your blog.I'm sure most ppl will enjoy it!!!Ok...take care ya!!~

specialhuman said...

:D thanx man~ appreciate ur comment~!

Anson said...

you shd be in puduraya now or just take off from puduraya...will miss u much...dont worry... :p

still love ur previous layout... anyway, this is good as well...dont worry on wat others commend on long as u like it.. :)

happy chinese new year and enjoy ur holidays...dont holiday too long until forget me, forget YF, forget SGC, forget Him... ;P

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jian_xin said...

Happy Chinese New Year! just blog a minute ago...check that out! sorry to keep you waiting!

jian xin ^.^