Wednesday, January 04, 2006


jan 2006. i'm 19. n things dont seem better.

18/1 i'll be having exam. 2 weeks from now. i will not blog.

n i m so tired of writing about hypocrisy.

life is so full of two-faced sneaky people huh?

backstabbing, rumours, betrayal, dishonesty, lie r everywhere. everytime i breathe i breathe in them. n they stinks.

it's human being's natural ability to lie n cover it with a smile isn't it~?

i have to admit, i m not the worst case. i aint losing anything. it's still not yet a conspiracy.



Penang Podcast said...

all the best for your exam...

esther said...

why u seem like so disapointed izzit got anything goes wrong or what??
see u not like before de..
if anything can get a close fren to talk to ok? me also can if dont mind la.
Takecare urself ya..!!
Everything will be find !!
All the best in ur exam ya..!!
Happy new year!!
enjoy ur hoilday soon ya, hope to c u soon..