Sunday, December 25, 2005

the true meaning of Christmas~

how do you define christmas~?

when we were still little, we took it as a festival to receive gifts n to enjoy all the cartoons showed on tv. when we grew up a bit, we might consider christmas as a holiday to have fun or outings with frens or family or perhaps a period to shop~ and then, when we think that we have already grown up, christmas will be the day to show our rebellion by celebrating it down the street with the crowd, n perhaps do something wild as a proof that we r indulging our life, which is so cool. and then, when we've got a job, christmas will be a paradise for us, it's one of the very rare holidays we have in one year. later on, christmas will become a burden when we have family n kids.....n then we grow a bit older, christmas will mean sitting on the couch, waiting for someone to knock on the door......

n then we die, christmas will mean nothing.....

life is pathetic isn't it? if it really goes like that.

ok, back the true meaning of's not the christmas light or santa claus or the christmas eve's sex that count, it's a festival to reminisce the birth of Jesus.'s a story that has been told for 2000 years, and will never ever change. it's not only a heart-warming story, but it's also a story that brings hope to the world.

christmas is meaningless, when people forget it's meaning. indeed, it is so common that it happens around us. people celebrate christmas blindly, without knowing the meaning. christmas has become an excuse for people to give in their desire, lust and indulgence.

n wat's the true meaning of christmas~? go google "true meaning of christmas". n u'll get the answer. haha :D well, the true meaning of christmas is the resurrection of eternal life. people have already forgotten that they are created for eternity. they think that they r a result of evolution and also the combination of DNA n genes. n they think they have no difference with animals, which is such a stupid idea.

everyone has the value of eternity. if not, there'll be no laws to ban killing. if not, people will not riot against war. if not, people don spend money for funerals n graves. if not, people will not say "I love you forever".

somehow, men broke the promise n eternity was no longer meant for them. and the creator, try to fix the situation by allowing himself to die on the cross, to satisfy the conditions of the promise and bring men back to eternity, if, they believe wat He did.

it's not hard. it's not being religious. it's not being supertitious. it's as simple as ABC. it's juz something that people have already forgotten - so long that they no longer recall and laugh "rediculous" at it.

yup, the true meaning of christmas is the hope of eternity.

hm, n i spent most of the time celebrating christmasin church. no fancy bussiness down the street.

17/12 - Youth Christmas Party
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Christmas hat juz simply does the magic!

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in Setapak Gospel Centre

18/12 - Futsal with Idols~!
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From left(counter clockwise): Daniel, Farah, Nita and...Kok Pin~ my classmate...hehe

22/12 - Winter Soltice
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tang yuan~

23/12 - Kiddie's Christmas Party
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the trio

24/12 - Carolling
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yen sum~

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so cutee~~~

25/12 - Devil on the Christmas Day
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my play in the drama - it freaked people out

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acting like pro


Princess Chuorb said...

Blessed Christmas, sayang..
hope u had a wonderful Christmas season..
hope everything is great wit tk care & God Bless..
Happy New Year!

Anson said...

I like the pic with THREE kaevin... :)

specialhuman said...


Happy 2006~


thanx, :D.

ImGodsLove said...

Sorry for my belated Merry Christmas bro!!~
Well,I'm very sure there are still many of us who knows the true meaning of christmas(though I'm not a Christian myself).

Life is pathetic but it still gotta move on isn't?So,why not make it as happy as possible???Kaevin,I know you will make everything possible,to make yourself happy,and others too.God bless you and may angels be with you forever!!!

specialhuman said...

yo bro~ glad that u r here~ :D

well, r u too seeking for eternal life?

thanx for ur suggestion. i might as well try my best to be positive. sometimes i can, sometimes the dark side of me n the world juz turn me down. so it's a struggle. :D

God bless u too~!

ImGodsLove said...

Eternal Life???Nah,I know that is impossible.Life is impermanant buddy!!!There will be born and death,so as long as you are alive,be happy and be contented with what you have!!And too,as I said,be HAPPY!!~

Life is like that isn't?It's like a road,there might be U-turn,there might be a bump,or maybe it will be very smooth for a while??So many different roads that we need to go through,life is the same too isn't??So,why not smile or be happy as you go through all these obstacles??I'm optimistic,I hope you too!!!that's all!!!

God Bless you!!!Amitabha!!~

specialhuman said...

hey bro.

it's not that i m not optimistic. it's juz the truth that saddens me.

look at the world. the population is reaching 65 billions. n most of the people r suffering. n look at ourselves. we r so damned lucky to have a place call home, to impossibly starve , to drive n hang out with frens n enjoy life. n those obstacles that we tot we have r juz so insignificant compare to them. n look at everyone around u n urself. people r doing things according to their desire n lust. n they hurt each other. even when we try to love someone, we tend to hurt each other. we possess others when we love them. we try to make them love us too though sometimes they don. do u agree?

wat i m trying to say that is human being is no longer functioning like how it functioned originally. We r born with sin. n we all think that it's a norm.

but it's not. when we do wat we think is the best for us, we often don get wat we want. life is no longer meant happiness becoz of sin.

life juz don exist n vanish like that bro. every single soul has its own destiny. although we barely see that, but when our worldly bodies rot and dissapear, our souls do not.
sin means imperfectness. therefore, it stops our souls to go back to the original source of life, which is the creator. we cant fix our own imperfectness, juz like a car can't fix itself. n our creator tried to fix this imperfectness by sending saviour here.

u might think that it's bullshit n craps but this is wat i believe. only the creator himself is able to get everything right.

wondering do u understand my longwinded philosophy...haahhaha. it's christianity :D