Saturday, December 03, 2005

Non-online Enforcement

time is passing faster than the speed of light. next week will be my midterm test. basically i m so slacked off that i didn't really lay my finger on the notes. a decision, i have made. officially i m announcing that i'll not be using messenger n blogging for the next week. anyway, leave me a message here. i'll be checking messages for my frenster n email. i juz found out that msn messenger n blogging r extremely time consuming...therefore..have to juz keep away from them

today i went pc fair in klcc with frens. bought a new mouse. a transparent mouse with colour changing led. like it~ hmm, n also witnessed the launch of the new movie "perhaps love" by 金城武 takeshi kaneshiro n 周迅 zhou xun. saw them from a quite near distance for only a couple of minutes.

oh yeah. not forget to mention, this morning when i went out to a roadside kopitiam for breakfast with my frens, there was a toyota MPV with blasting music n heaps of bags n accesories n price tags on it. An aged man, wearing singlet n shorts n leather shoes with pulled-up-so-highed socks n a christmas hat dancing beside it~!!! i was like omg.....coz the man looked old n apparently he was dancing to attract people to buy his bags. i donno wat should i feel. pity or funny? i donno. wondering y on earth he needed to do that? for me, it's like betraying his own dignity for some pennies. but this is wat most of the people r doing isn't it?

Image hosted by
my new optical mouse

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glowing in the dark

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direct translate: flowers cant bloom glitteringly in the greenhouse.


megdalyn said...

hey kv.. its been quite awhile since my last comment on ur blog...hows ur leg now?? i hope its ok now!! did u take any pic of takeshi kaneshiro??? i hope u did.. hehehe.. wanna seee....

exam next week a?? good luck!!! but are u sure u r gona stay away from ur blog n msn for the week???

im soo worried.. hahahaha... i dono whether i should o not.. but.. my results is coming out VERY SOOON!!!!! wat should i do?? how should i feel?? i really dono.. suddenly feel scared d... how how how??

neway.. take care ya!!! good luck!!

specialhuman said...

sorry i din take his photo. it's too dark there~ :D

chill...n relax. sms me ur result at once when u got it ok~? u'll be getting good result~ :D

u too, take care. tata

megdalyn said...

relax?? hahahaa.. yea rite!!! i dono.. my mom jus called n ask. when is ur result coming out.. don lie to me a.. haizzzzzzzz....

take care..

jian_xin said...

hey Kaevin!
Good to know that you band yourself from using the MSN and did not blog as often during your mid-term. that is Good! Self control and discipline! i have to learn from you!

jian xin ^.^

specialhuman said...

thanx man....for ur compliment. i guess u got my email right? ......too busy to reply?