Saturday, December 31, 2005

another New Year Eve......

it's another new year eve. yup. another new year eve.

2005 is goin to be part of the history.

thank u. for those who bring hope and warmth to my life in this year. i might not know wat've u done but still, thank u.

sorry. for those that i've hurt. i might not know wat've i done but still, sorry.

n for those who've hurt me, duped me, mocked me. i'll try my best to forgive n forget. but it's not a guarantee. i might still hold grudge.

i m so sick of the world. it's full of lies n hypocrisy. but i cant go fuck the world n make it the way i like. so it's whether for me to make myself fit in the way of the world or, hold on to wat i believe, n struggle tru it.

hope that there's a better 2006 ahead. though it seems impossible.

peace out....


megdalyn said...

hey kv.. happy new year!!!~ im sorry if i did anything wrong to u .. have a gud year ahead!
take care...

p/s:shorty's mom got blog..

specialhuman said...


happy 2006...u have done nothing wrong. no worries....:D