Monday, November 28, 2005


today should have been a happy day. our classmates played basketball together for the very first time. thanks to my crappy sneakers, i sprained my lefty ankle~!!! ouchhhh.....the very old injury that i had 2 years ago.

it was not so severe at first. after i sprained it, i took off my shoes n still could play with bare feet for a few rounds. n it worsened when i landed with left foot.

n thing was getting even worst - when i suddenly remembered i forgot to TURN OFF the GAS STOVE which was supposed to boil the water at 9am. (it was 6pm then)

so i rushed home. n started to predict the worst. did i virtually kill someone? oh no my poor laptop n my poor's so unfortunate to have a master like me....then my heart almost stopped beating when i saw one bomba van passing by....did it explode or wat~? is my housemate alright? or they were already emitted to the hospital due to severe burn? when i was walking near my condo, the smoke from the hawker stalls freaked me out (though it's common to see smoke from hawker stall...) then i quickened my pace, which added some extra pressure n weight to my injured foot...n the first thing i did when i reached home was sprinting to the kitchen...n saw my housemate cooking peacefully n calmly there

"i forgot to turn off the gas stove this morning...."

"yeah i know, i turned it off..."


n that was the time when i started to realize how painful my ankle was.

then i goggle "sprained ankle". results showed lotsa treatment n picture explaining how it was caused n blablabla......the list goes on....

the very popular solution is R.I.C.E - rest, ice, compression, elevate.....n last but not least, seek for medical help....

2 years ago when i sprained my ankle, i went for X-rays n check-ups n bandaged my foot like a mummy. basically chinese will seek for traditional treatment n the sifu who will twist n pull ur foot n the next day the swell fades. but i m all alone, in the concrete jungle, where no one will care for a swelled n sprained ankle.

now i have no idea wat should i do.....n i'll try to elevate my foot above heart level tonight as suggested..


khaisheng said..., howz your leg after two days?has the swelling subsided?hope you will be up and running soon...but forewarned is forearmed...we must know that staying far from home, we should always take care of ourselves more carefully...u know?my bro went to UK last three months and he experienced the same thing...but that was even more worse!he broke his tendon while playing soccer barefooted and had to undergo a minor operation at UK hospital!But luckily it was all ok and the cost was covered by insurance...

Hope u can get well soon ... KS

specialhuman said...

yo man. my ankle is getting better now, thanx for ur concern~ my fren lent me some kind of chinese traditional oil n i massage it myself n the swell fades.

ya, totally agree with u. ur brother's incident was even worse. hopefully i've learned how to take care of my own self.

again, thanx :D

Jacky said...

yo wassup dude...SWT!(once i saw ur comment's from ur frens sprained ur leg go to UK treatment(luckily u got insurance, if not that was quite expensive there)...i sprained a lots of times during badminton n taekwondo still havent seek any medical treatment...hehe..juz used some ice put on it..i think about 1 week ur leg was completely cure...anyway..i hope ur leg cure ASAP

specialhuman said...

ahem. told u not to skip words when reading. it's NOT me who sprained my ankle in UK. it's my fren's brother. anyway, thanx for brightening up the day by ur beautiful misunderstanding. lol~

Anonymous said...

wah.... got basketball play lo!
i think next year only can play with u liao... n that time i don know i still remember how to play or not.. :'(

leong said...

wah.... got basketball play lo!
i think next year only can play with u liao... n that time i don know i still remember how to play or not.. :'(

jian_xin said...

hey Kaevin,
Wao, you almost blog everday! it is even hard for me to keep up with you! good job anywayz! enjoy reading your post! there are some deep thoughts out there! kind a miss you ler! the good time that we have together! dont know when we will meet again! anyway, remember one another in prayer!!
jian xin ^.^

specialhuman said...


aduh. u sure know how to play lar. the ball is within u~! miss u~ :D

specialhuman said...

jian xin~ thanx for dropping by~! i miss u a lot. looking forward to meet u soon. i'll keep u in my prayers. enjoy ur life there~! :D