Sunday, October 16, 2005

Runaway Bride~

juz came back from was a special meeting for some kind of drama thing. a team of 5 was invited to perform a drama of 7 sketches. the drama was known as "Runaway Bride" and the 7 sketches were the Wedding, McChurch, The Untouchables, Pharisee Boot Camp, Salt and Light, Mercy General and Love Story. the drama was performed by 4 - 2 actors and 2 actresses. and they r known as the Footstool players.

the Wedding - a bride who couldn't answer when the bridegroom "do u love me" on the wedding ceremony. Jesus said he is the bridegroom and we r his bride. so think before u say i love u to him. r u willing to follow his purpose, his plan and his commandments?

McChurch - McChurch Drive Tru Take Away service. Good morning, Jesus loves u, can i have ur order please? a short sermon and less scriptures....a hymn with 1 tesimonial in the happy meal.....Has the church turning into a fast and easy take-away restaurant?

The Untouchables - Does the church have any room for those who r denied, left out, and unrecognized? AIDS carrier, Abortion taker, drunkard.....those who r labelled as the trash of the society. and, Does our church have room for Jesus?

Pharisee Boot Camp - irony and sarcasm about hypocrisy of the Pharisee. i laughed my head off watching this sketch.

Mercy general - a hospital only for the healthy ones? sicked people r not welcomed? a church for only good people? sinners r not welcomed?

Salt and Light - sometimes a Christian has to be salty. flavors all kind of food and is needed in thousands of recipes. serve its purposes yet remains unknown. sometimes a Christian has to be like the light. Shine away the darkness, heat away the cold and burnt away wat gets in the way. We r the salt of the earth and light of the world.

Love Story - An unblessed and biased love between a preacher and a prostitude. Will it work? is it worth for him to give all he has for a hooker?

i was touched, watching them performing. how genuine and sincere of them to serve the Lord in such a way. u can actually know how much effort they have put it in to perform this 1 hour long drama. Kudos to the footstoolplayers. view their website if u r interested in~

Apathy. Complacency. Compromise. Consumerism. Legalism. Idolatry.
The Bride has amnesia.
She has forgotten who she is and has run after other lovers.
But the Lover of her soul continues to pursue her with relentless love and extravagant grace.

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