Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ass Kissing~

today was suppose to be a happy day~ lynn n i r goin to penang looking for teong phei n teong xin...then watch the myth...but guess wat? i kissed a car's ass~!!!

the thing started like this....

from nibong tebal i drove all the way up to penang (raining cats n dogs~!) the time i reached gurney plaza....i drove up to the parking lot...but then the parking lot was full, so i have to drove down the pavement...n this was the very moment...the car in front of me halted suddenly when it already turned out the junction..i didn't really accelerate but still...."bang~!@#$%^&"


so we drove to the side....n an uncle looking guy n his wife went down....looked at his car n looked at my car~

n i looked at his's alright....n i thought it was alright...but when i turned to look at mine...omg....the bottom left of the bumper cracked~!

n the first thing i said to him was,

"sorry lar uncle...paiseh har...wa mh si tiao ti eh..."(hokkien~)

then the first sentence he said to me was,

"Do you have the contact nummbbuurrr?" (in a very strong amolang accent)

*scratched head* "Contact number for wat??"

"workshop, i wanna fix the car~"

i looked at his car, it was like a cat scratch..or...perhaps an insect bite~

"i think it shouldn't be a big deal, it's juz a minor thing..."

then he asked for my license n name....i was started panicking

"r u goin to report this to police? no way, this is juz a small thing n it shouldn't be a big problem right?"

"oh, this is not my car, this is my company's car, i cannot judge, so i have to report to my company human resource department.."

"....." i took out my license n gave him...n my 2 broad shoulder n rough frens were standing beside me...the couple looked quite confused n a bit worried, as if we were goin to beat him up...he copied my ic number n name n address down....n asked my handphone number...

then i look at my car again...holy shit, it was cracked...not very serious yet very obvious...

then the couple gave me back my license...n from their conversation i knew that they r i before leaving....i asked them,

"r u from japan?"


"hontoni sumimasen.." *correct right?*

n they left~ phew.....luckily they r not locals....if not i would have been duped away some $$$$....

n wat actually pissed me off was the bumper of their car (oh yeah, forgot to mention, their car was a older generation of toyota camry) was like being scracthed by a kitty...while my local made "Hero" car bumper how the hard boiled egg cracks....fortunately it was a tiny little part...yeah, Malaysia boleh~!

so i sent a message to my mum...

"i kissed a car's backside...the front left part cracked...."

n when i got home, i was kind of humiliated by my parents....especially my dad, laughed at me...:( is juz not my day~!


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esther", said...

Wah...nextime u have to drive becareful lo...i oso happen this accident before haizzz....T.T
but u quite lucky la they not local not make police report if not u will...still hoilding P licence..

Bloggerous said...

hey..i'm you mind telling me what car u drive ar....hee...i also kissed a bumper b4 T.T...then actually it was a scratch on his car..and he took his old car injury..which is from his previous accident said i do one.. uh uh ..hehe...pray b4 u drive next time!!!!

ichigo said... man..u 'kissed' d wat it tastes??kakaka..=P..definitely tastes teruk..~puke~..kakaka..summore..mayb it cost sum money leh..rite??so next time dun simply 'kissed' 'ppl' lar..kakaka..=P..
kuz jk..janganlar marah~~kekeke..^^

specialhuman said...

esther: hahah...thanx...i definitely will drive more carefully....ya, luckily not local if not i'll be in big trouble~ :D

jas: r u jas dashyat? coz i got another jas tagging confused sometimes...thanx for ur advice anyway :D

ichigo: ya, kiss ass is not fun, at all~ n i wont get mad, no worries :D