Wednesday, October 26, 2005

100th Post~!

first of all.....this is the 100th post~!!!! walao....i've never thought that i would be writing so much~!'s juz so.....hilarious..... n i'd like to say a big thank u to all of u who has been reading my blog...despite the fact that it's boring sometimes..... ;p

n college life is somehow pretty hectic....especially for my very own course, which has only 14 weeks in a single semester.

anyhow, i always got the time to do the things that i wanna. last week i saw my fren reading The Davinci Code. i've been hearing this book since ages brought up my curiosity when some christians pointed their finger on it saying it's the book from satan.....haha, so i decided to borrow it from my fren.

b4 i started to read, i understand that this book by dan brown has been so contradicted with the christian beliefs that it stirred up furiousness among christians. therefore i told myself that i would be viewing this book, from an equal and objective perspective. i told myself not to be provoked by any content....even if it's found tremendously offensive to me, who hold on to wat i believe.

the book begins with a murder case, and a risk that a history that will be lost forever. it kind of hooked me follow the chapters....and i was reading for 8 hours continuosly......n i read for another 2 hours yesterday to finished up the book.....hahaha.....too slow for a book like this. probably i m not used to reading english books. i need only about 3 hours to finish the chinese book that has the same thickness....

ok. so, i should briefly state down the major theme and issue brought up in the novel

1. sacred feminine.
2. a giant conspiracy of the Church in the early centuries had completely kept the truth of the Jesus under the carpet.
3. jesus married mary megdalence...and mary megdalence carried jesus biological blood line....until today.
4. we never learned the truth about jesus. "Almost everything our fathers taught us about Christ is false." (DVC p. 235)
5. the Priory of Sion is actually an ancient organization that kept this secret.

from all the non-christian article in the internet i've read. actually this da vinci code is not something. it's a duplication from the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

*Author Dan Brown, in his bestseller The Da Vinci Code, makes reference to this book (Holy Blood, Holy Grail), and uses several of the above claims as key plot elements; indeed, Baigent and Leigh have attempted to sue Dan Brown for plagiarism, on the grounds that his book makes extensive use of their research and that one of the characters is named Leigh, has a surname (Teabing) which is an anagram of Baigent, and has a physical description strongly resembling Henry Lincoln.* -Wikipedia

n if u search for christian's reaction, u'll most probably find a lot of criticisms about how inaccurate of the source and the quote from the so-called real new testaments. and how funny of those flaws and mistakes that dan brown made in the book. e.g. to explain the meaning of "companion" in Greek while the scroll was written in Coptic.

n personally i found that dan brown loves to make assumption. wild n huge assumption. he assumed that Walt Disney is known as the modern Leonardo da Vinci. while leonarda da vinci hid the truth under his painting of the last supper, walt disney tried to imply the truth by inserting "hints" in those cartoon, e.g. the little mermaid's red hair is no coincidence, it's the reflection of mary megdalence, the sleeping beauty n snow white bla bla bla. it "gelify" me. wat the shit is all's so unconvicing n doesn't make any good sense...hmmm n the part where the V gesture that is often seen in photographs is the symbol of Satan, where derived from a ancient goddess with 2 horns....walao....cannot tahan his ability to boast.....then he should say that the television antenna actually symbolizes demon n thus the invention of tv is of the inspiration from hell.....

afterall it's juz a novel isn't it~?

sometimes, it's hard to share wat u believe to someone isn't it~? it's been saying that the people nowadays think only about wat they see, wat they feel, wat they hear and wat they desire. they don even bother lie a single thought on those things that will not bring pleassure to them or benefit them, in short-term. i dare not claim wat i believe is absolutely the truth, but somehow, i have faith that it's close. people juz tend to walk away from the truth, don't they~?

life would be miserable, if it weren't eternal.

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