Friday, September 16, 2005

what a day~

Yahooo~~ finally it's more stress for another 3 weeks. today chemistry paper was ok~ n i really had a good day~!

1100 finished the paper~ gathered n drove to the curve for karaoke~ we went red box~ there were 6 cars n 20++ people going together...all of us r classmates, M5C1~ i followed kee hong's car~

kee hong driving his kancil~

sheng wei, a cool dude with a unique sense of fashion n clothing~

wee lee, a quite guy in class~ suprised to see him following us but had have fun together~

1200 started singing~ i was like so crazy singin until i almost lost my voice~ n it's fun to have 20++ people in a room singing together~ wuahahahahaha, really had a good time there~

1500 left for One Utama newly opened GSC for movie~ however, there was a funny occurance~ when we headed to the car park, n kee hong couldn't find the autopay ticket that we took upon entering the carpark~ so we pressed the "ask for help" button on the autopay machine, there was an operator,

"yes, may i help u?"
"we lost our ticket, wat should we do?"
"oh, u have to pay 25ringgit for the loss"

therefore we went back to reb box, n luckily they found our ticket n kept it....we paid 1 buck for the parking fee.....phew~

heading for movie~

One Utama outward appearance

1545 arrived GSC in 1-U. they bought tickets for movie at 510, The Land of the Dead~ then all scattered around~ some went for snooker, i followed sheng wei n kee hong to stroll around in the mall~ it's the new wing of 1-U and the shops r quite new n classy~ went into several cloths shops n saw lotsa nice shirt~ anyway, as a local, sheng wei told me he got a lot other places that has better n fine n cheap shirts, so juz looked around~

1710 watched The Land of the Dead~ a zombie's movie~ typical, bloody, predictable stodyline, up-to-standard effects, happy ending, black-humour, smooth, sometime illogic~ watched it urself~ quote a conversation between the 2 main actors.

"the stench (zombie) is trying to pretend that he's alive"
"we all pretend that we are, arent we?"

saw this car hanging in the middle of the mall~

1930 discussing where to have dinner~ one car went back coz he got appointment~ so left 3 kancils + 1 toyota corolla (second or third gen) + 1 saga~ decided to head to kepong to have steamboat~ toyota corolla led the rest as he is the only driver that knows the way~ however, it's hilarious when only kee hong managed to follow his car....the rest r lost~ hahaha, anyway, they found their way at last~

2000 found the shop~ ketam steamboat restorant~ 17 of us~ 2 tables~ started steamboat-ing~! actually it's so so but we enjoyed the time~ making jokes, having fun~


Image hosted by
it looks nice right?

Image hosted by
"Thou shall show no mercy to the seafood~"

Image hosted by
have u realized how unmerciful were we?

Image hosted by
satisfied expressions

Image hosted by
Warning: U r looking at the extinguishing species in M5C1~ Esther n Shuh Yin~

Image hosted by
scene on another table~

2200 time to go back~ adios amigos n see u in 3 weeks time~

basically, it was pretty much fun~ though we r classmate for only 3 months but we r quite close~ like those who have car don't mind paying some parking fees n toll n spending some petrol to drive us around~ n some of them r good event planner~! we come from all over the place, penang, perak, melaka, johor~ but we have a good time together~ so glad i m blessed with frens like that, who can hang out n have fun together~ compare to other classes i think my class is more united n close~ haha, although there're only 2 girls~ but the 2 girls joined us today as well~ hahaha, 2 gals vs 15 guys~ n i wasn't spending much money today...less than i thought~> 7 for lunch n singing + 6 for movie + 3 for a beverage + 13 for steamboat~ frenship n good time~> priceless~ hahaaha :D

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