Thursday, September 01, 2005


our class has been making a lot of this pretty lecturer a.k.a auntie yeong is no longer teaching in the next semester but it changes nothing. so we could only take some photo for reminiscing purpose....sob* sob*
we took this photo 2 days ago~
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front: (from left to right) esther, thiam hin (whose face got bloacked), miss yeong~, che zhu
middle: shuh yin, chee kiang, kok pin (face blocker), zhi chao, eu jin,tat seng, meng fong, calvin, arminde, chia hao, kuan ming, kee hong,kae vin (yours truly), sheng wei, kien loong
back: wei kang, jeng yie, zhen cong, wah yew

hmmm, click to enlarge n i guess most of the guys here r single n available~ :D hehe

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