Sunday, September 18, 2005

D & N

Malaysian idol season 2 grand finale: Daniel n Nita~ ok, i juz got to know something, that Daniel is a cousin of a very close fren of mine. My fren told me last year that he has a cousin that can sing, can play guitar, piano, violin, u name it, and he used to be guitarist in Jay Chou's concert, n he is Daniel.....wah, i felt so green-eyed.....wat if i got to know daniel b4 he joined Malaysian idol? things would be much different...arghh......i wanna join malaysian idol next year see whether i can advance or not....

juz now went to a wedding dinner. as usual, eat, drink, sing, noisy...u name it. today is a good day for chinese to have wedding ceremony...there're plenty of them around~

juz found out a lot of people not around...all having schools.....arghhh~ sian sian target of this holiday is to make myself darker....since everyone is saying i m pretty fair right now~ hmm, n today i juz have a hair cut...quite nice though~

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