Saturday, September 03, 2005


out of the blue, some funny thoughts ran across my mind. should i call it contradiction or paradox.

when i was small i felt the world is big, i've got a lot places to go to, but when growing up, the places i know r getting more but i felt i have no where to go?

i know more people now than when i was a kid, whereas the people that i can talk to r getting lesser?

i certainly have more knowledge yet i have less wisdom to solve all the problems i have comparing the child me?

time is not enough though i sleep lesser than the time i slept when i was an infant?

i've been figuring out how to become happy harder than ever but i m still not as happy as the time when i didn't think about happiness?

i've got mostly everything i wanted yet i feel less satisfaction than how i felt when i was running around with bare feet?

i have more things than before but i have less thing to share with others?

........they say only those philosopher who does nothing but thinking can only think of this kind of crap. i m busy. exam is coming. i focus on my studies. y r these strange n odd thoughts keep occupying my mind~!!?!?!?!?

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