Tuesday, August 16, 2005


the 2 most enjoyable things i can do on my bed
1. hug my guitar and play it all the way until i sleep
2. have my laptop on the bed and get online

i m doin the second thing right now.

basically i was supposed to sleep now, tomoro have to get to school at 730. anyway, there're something running in my mind that i'll not be sleeping if i dont somehow find a way to express it.

in my 18 years of existence i am blessed with so many people around me. family and frens. out of all sudden, i started to miss my frens....my highschool frens. today a fren from my class, he drove me home (i have to take bus from my place to coll.). and he was goin back the totally opposite way which means he went for some extra miles. well, u might think it's not a big deal but traffic in my area was quite heavy at the peak hour. we have got to know each other maybe not more than 2 months. and i thought urban people usually wont be so nice. perhaps i was too skeptical. anyway, he reminds me of all my frens back in BM and Nibong Tebal.....those r frens who r willing to go extra miles for u when u need help, and they wont be embarassed to ask u to do them favours.

haha i miss those time when we were together. my fren uploaded some photos taken matriculation kedah to my form 5 class website and it made me reminisce all the good time we have.

wah.....talking as if i am so old. hmmm...it's too comfortable to blog on my bed....hahaha~ hmmm, and the one who fetched me home today, is single and available. joan-lynn, cant wait to know him? :P

there're questions for everything, yet there may not be one single answer to those questions......

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