Wednesday, August 17, 2005

rainy day

today it rained so hard. i was studying in the library. the cold air froze me.

in the previous post, i've said frens r those who r willing to go extra miles for u when u need help and wont be embarassed to ask u to do them favours.

haha, indeed, it happened so fast. the fren who went extra miles to drive me home on monday, asked for a favour on tuesday. he forgot to bring his guitar as he had a guitar lesson on that day. practically it's impossible for him to drive back to puchong to get his guitar juz for one single lesson. so he asked for my guitar. of coz i lent it to him. anyway, i told him that my guitar is a she and she is my girlfren. and he said, his favorite pastime is flirting around with frens' girlfrens or wives....wat a wicked guy. hahaha

this week sounds likely a so-called frenship week to me. haha.

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