Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Happy Independent Day~ Merdeka~ Wishing Malaysia will have a brighter future~!
Yo....n i m off to study now...pretty stressed out coz exam's juz around the corner...waiting for it's prey.....

and have u waved Jalur Gemilang? hehe


Ren Geng said...

Thanx for viewing my blog and u have done the blog since long time nice! I juz know ur blog recently from chong it's blog...and hope u won't mind that i add ur blog in my link...hope can help u promote it a bit lor...
Here is my reply to ur q: I m currently studying in KUTPM, Shah Alam (I think most ppl never heard this college before, it juz set up 3 years ago...)
Setapak is in KL rite?? Study in Rahman?? Izzit same as Yi Fan??
All the best in ur study ya...and I will keep up my view on ur blog...hehe..

specialhuman said...

ren geng:
haha, thanx~ yeah, i m now in Tunku Abdul Rahman College~ same as yi fan(the girl yi fan right?). but i'll be goin to UTAR next year. i m doin my foundation year right now~ electronic engineering. heard that u r goin to Indonesia for JPA doing medical right?