Monday, August 22, 2005


i never know Manglish is included in my english studies we have learnt some examples of manglish and was asked to translate it into proper english. those r examples and exercises given in my text book.

Manglish or Malaysian English, is our very own brand of verbal 'rojak'. Malaysians of all ages and ethnic backgrounds use it. We use it to express our feelings: anger, frustrarion, happines; name a feeling and Manglish can be used to express it in a very colourful way for you. When a Malaysian is angry, he might say, "Eeh, so lecehlah!" Manglish can act as a secret code: a foreigner who visits the country for the first time will find it extremely confusing.

Here are a few examples:
  • mat salleh: used to refer Caucasian foreigners; sometimes called "gwai lo"
  • close on eye: to ignore, to pretend not to see. e.g. "teacher, please pass me lah. Can close one eye or not?'
  • ta bao: to pack food and take home or elsewhere for consumption
Exercise: Look at the Manglish expression below. Write their meanings in the space provided.

  1. How can - How is that possible?
  2. Why so late one - Why are you so late?
  3. Lembu lesen - Learner's license
  4. Kopi-o-lesen - bribed license
  5. So cha one - So lame
  6. Afturds - Afterwards
  7. Norchet - Not yet
  8. Chop - Stamp (as in verb)
  9. Got discountah? - Is there any discount
  10. Wattaim - What time
  11. Give me a lift - Give me a ride
  12. No shame ah? - Don't you feel ashamed?
  13. Don't scared - Don't be afraid
  14. No face - Embarrassed
  15. Paktology - The theory of dating
  16. ABC - air batu campur or ais kacang (malaysian delicacy)
  17. Sky juice - plain water
  18. Kena saman! - I was summoned!/ I got a ticket!
  19. Why you so like that? - Why are you acting in such a manner?
  20. Tidak apa - It's ok
  21. Yes-ah? - Really?
  22. One screw loose - Are you nuts?
  23. Belanja - Give me a treat!
  24. Chow yow yee - You are fired!
  25. Makan awready ah? - Have you eaten?
  26. Heaty - Dry and hot (especially food)
  27. Soay - Unfortunate
  28. Kacang putih - Easy job
  29. Lau yar - So lausy
  30. Whatsup - What's up?/ how're you doing? (i think this is not manglish)
confused? puzzled? Don't tell others u r Malaysian if u cant answer a single question~! :P (i got them all correct~hehehe~) Wanna know the answer? Highlight this paragraph or click Ctrl+A.

oh yeah, remember the pretty lecturer that i always mention? finally i got her photo~ :D

miss yeong
taken in lecturer hall~ :D

She is gorgous isnt she? my classamates always complain to her that we cant concentrate becoz she is pretty :D

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