Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gasping for fresh air~

thanks to the god-damned haze, we r now able to have one more accessory, the mask~ to be optimistic, i would say that we r now living in the midst of the heaven which we hardly can see things 100 meter away. watever it is, don give a damn. i guess things will be alright soon. but i donno why, breathing has become a hard job right now. people breathe heavily, i can hear that.

2 more hours to go and jian will take his flight from KLIA to singapore, then to japan, then to LA then only to Texas which will take him 33 hours. pray that he'll arrive smoothly.

today i took random photos in class using my handphone~

gasping for air
barely gasping for air~

get me out of hell
get me out of hell

single and available
single and available, first come first served

not single and not available, awaiting list available


jian_xin said...

hey... thanks..thank you for remembering me! i am now in Changi.. heading to Japan in one hours time... all the best !! chaoz...

specialhuman said...

happy that u still remember to drop by my blog even u r in the airport~! i'll be missing u so so so much......tell me when u have settle everything overthere ok? :D

caryn said... tht indian guy called 'jay' or sumthg lidat beside u?