Sunday, August 21, 2005

dance, and thus ends the nightmare~

we have been practising for weeks and today it has come to an end~ Good job freestyler, keep in touch ya~

Hawaiian Costume

rock n roll I
Rock n Roll partners

rock n roll II
Rock n Roll costume

hawaiian dance
Hawaiian Dance

rock n roll dance~
Rock Around the Clock~

my partner~
My rock n roll partner~

kae vin n calvin
One of my best buddies in class~

More photo in photo album, click here


joan-lynn said...

I thought the first picture was nice! :) Hehehe. The Hawaiian wun. How come the girls outbeat the guys? I thought guys were better dancers? Lol.

specialhuman said...

hahaha~ boys often think that this dance club is for those sissies (in fact there're a lot) i m one of those lil lost lamb that joined this club after finding basketball, swimming, soccer, work out, volleyball clubs r full~! anyway, no regrets coz my classmates told me i m lucky to have all those girls to dance with~! hahaha! thanx for ur comment~