Sunday, August 14, 2005


*adjective (informal) depressed, down, sad, unhappy, melancholy, miserable, gloomy, dejected, downhearted, downcast, despondent, low, glum; (informal) down in the dumps, down in the mouth, fed up.

nevertheless, i think "sian" would be the best describe my current mood.

do i deserve this? i've been trying so hard. i couldn't reach there. struggled. can someone give me a hand. retarded. no way. hopeless. moronic expression. bulllshit. anyone? why? someone please tell me the answer of the ultimate question. incubus. fated? destiny? crap. existence. soulless. so-called love. confused.

i happen to be so much luckier than 80% of the world population. should i cry over for the rest of it? shouldn't i be grateful for this statistic? m i against something? is this some kind of ego? kiasu? come on......i know i m wrong but wat can i do? please....only if i were the innocent kid who knows nothing but playing and enjoying life......

i m stuck


折翼天使 said...

When weak, then strong.
When poor, then rich.
When wounded, then healed.

Beethoven played a broken harpisichord.
Jesus the carpenter taught fishing.

God loves sinner.
You are justified.
I love you.


specialhuman said...

paradox.....perhaps this is life.