Sunday, August 07, 2005


A kid was walking home with whistles and smiles. He scored very well in his school exam, and he was goin to show it to his parents - hoping to get his parents buy him an ice-cream.

when he got home, he took out his papers and showed it to his parents, saying " i scored 100 in Maths and English and Science...."

but he could barely finished his sentence to the i-want-an-ice-cream part when his parent interrupted him and told him not to bother them. the kid walked away. when he turned around, he saw his best buddy licking an big ice-cream and there was a pocketful of candies in his pocket. then, his buddy said, "my mummy gave me this ice-cream becoz i passed all the subjects in the test"

he was happy for his buddy but at the same time this kid felt so envy. and he just couldn't figure out why. he sacrificed a lot compared to others. when his frens was playing soccer he stayed back to study, although he longed to play with them so much. when the others went fishing, he didn't follow because the second day will be the test. he wanted the ice-cream so badly, why couldn't he get it? ok, maybe his intention for scoring the test was wrong. then, why could his fren get everything he wanted just because he passed all the subjects?

this kid began to learn that, sometimes, this world is unfair.

i've come back from the farewell gathering. last night i stayed overnight at jian's house, we talked until 3 or 4 in the morning. can't really remember, but we talked about almost everything, yeah, everything.

he'll be leaving for the States this coming thursday, at night 10pm, taking a flight from KLIA to singapore, then head towards japan, then to LA and only reach Texas (where he is studying). cant remember the U name that he's goin to study, H....something something Simmons U, i think. he's taking Biotech there, will get a degree after 4 years, and can proceed to medical school if his result is good.

and another cute fren of mine, jun ning she appeared yesterday too. she is another fren from Cameron highland, and is goin to study in GuangZhou in China. she is taking medicine also. well, lotsa people making fun of her by saying that she is goin to be a chinese sensei, in fact she is studying western medicine.

genuinely i am happy and proud of them. it just that when i look at myself, i felt like an abandoned kid.


折翼天使 said...

Deary Kae Vin,

GRACE is never just and fair.
What is GRACE? GRACE is you get something that you don't deserved.

Who in the world taught you that you'll get something if you do this or do that? Who told you that you can earn God's salvation by "believing" Him? If God intends to save you, no matter you believe or not, you are already saved.

Whateva you have now is grace. Therefore if you can't get something after pursue very hard, don't feel bad. Realizing that you are in the GRACE of God, you'll not expect to get something in everything you do. Likewise, you'll give thanks for everything you have.

God is just to man, but unfair to Himself. He loves man so much, but man rejected him. But this does not stop Him from loving man.

No momentum is gonna stop God from loving you. No force is greater than the power of God's love you. God loves you. And I love you too.

From Broken-Wing Angel

kae vin said...

thanx. i love u too. i understood wat u said. but sometimes it's hard to apply it when it comes to reality. anyway, i'll try my best, to appreciate wat i have, and try to look around, everything happens for a reason, right?

折翼天使 said...

Fullest support. ;)