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ok, this is a long post. actually at first it's like something running across my mind and i wanted to blog it but then i ended up writing an essay - as i have to pass up one on Monday. So i just kept it flow and voila, i got my home work done. it's a rather long-winded, academic, educational and not-so-good-for-blog post, skip it if u feel unnecessary to read it.....but at least read the introduction and conclusion lar....hahaha~

today i took a photo with kevin~ one of the very first frens that i met in college~ :D
kevin n kae vin
kevin n kae vin :P

changed the banner thingy too~ it seems better, right?

Belief is something that everyone has. No matter what ethnic you are from, what kind of background you have, and what age you are - as long as you can think, you have belief. Belief is something that tells you what to do next in different circumstances, how are you going to react in different situations and what you feel about something. Belief triggers you to do things that you believe in. No one will do something that he doesn't believe in unless he is forced to. A religious person may believe in God, a materialist may believe that money is God, an individualist may believe in himself, a disbeliever believes that believing in nothing is the best thing to believe in, a communist may believe that everyone should be equally treated, despite what one deserves, a philosopher may believe that thinking can bring explanation to everything while a scientist may believe that science is the explanation of everything. There're hundreds and thousands of belief, in fact everyone has his very own believing!

Belief is essential in our lives. In fact, it exists in everyone's mind, regardless one realizes or not. Belief is not formed in one day, it's the conclusion of what we've seen, what we've touched, what we've heard and what we've experience and thus, we hold on to our very own beliefs. Belief also acts as the motivation for us to do something or the reason for us not to do something. For example, a student who strives very hard for academic achievement believes that education can brings him a better life while a religious monk believes that the world is just an illusion and we should not be stubborn to anything. Anyway, belief is something that motivates us to chase after our own ideals and dreams. A simple person may think that his dream is to have a ordinary and harmony life and he will not have much request for life. Belief may simply be love and passion for something. A basketball lover may think that basketball is his life and his world and he will no feel comfortable without playing it. A musician may commit suicide if he can totally hear nothing. A father will work hard to be the breadwinner (even if he has to do something that he dislikes) for his family as he loves his family. This is also a kind of belief.

Yes, we all have beliefs but the major different is that how firmly we grib to our own beliefs! A majority of the people in the world are easily influenced. They change their mind with ease. These may be due to a few reasons. Firstly, it's because they don't have a mature enough mind to think. Their logical and analytical thinking skills are weak and fragile therefore they're easily persuaded to do something that they don't even know. They are simply manipulated by any propaganda or lies. This is very common in nowadays society as we can see advertisement and commercial promotion everywhere. Sometimes it seems that it's really worthy to buy something in fact it's only the trick of the traders. The second reason is that people are lazy of thinking and reluctant to have deep thoughts before they decide something. They tend to follow their instincts which are sometimes harmful as someone may use emotional and sentimental issues to influence the mind of people. This is extremely dangerous as those who are influenced may do something harmful. Take an example, those terrorist who did a kamikaze attack on The United States and England. They did'nt realize what are they trying to do. Their minds are full of hatred, blind hatred that was purposely created by someone who is evil. The last reason is that they choose to be easily influenced. There're some people in this world that never take anything seriously. They believe that as long as they are comfortable with something and voila, they will do it. Even if it is something that they know it's not right in the sense of morality or human right, they still go for it because they believe that nothing is certain - even their own beliefs are not.

Beliefs may result in beautifully achieved goals - as long as we grip firmly and strongly to it. Sometimes, people tend to laugh at those who have visions and dreams. People think that they are silly and stupid to work hard while they can easily have fun. Thomas Edison was simply the best example. He was humiliated and insulted by his peers and even his teacher at a very young age for asking too many so-called stupid questions and he proved them wrong, after years. We can imagine how much trials and tribulations he had gone through. Anyway, that's the hardship that makes him a legend. His stories and life have inspired thousands of people throughout the few centuries. We can see the glory and beauty of humanity shining and glowing from his life. Because of beliefs of the ancient people, we are now in the world that has advanced technology and living in a comfortable environment. We have aeroplane because the Wright brothers believed that we can fly. Before aeroplane was successfully invented, the brothers - Wilbur and Orville Wright were made fun and humiliated as no one believes metal can float in the air. The press published all those opinions from those famous physicists and scientists which stated the idea of aeroplane was insane and idiotic and at last they were proven to be wrong. This tells us that even if famous or powerful people are against our own beliefs, what we have to do is just stand firm and hold on - as long as we believe that our beliefs are right.

However, before we believe in something, we have to analyse and think logically whether our beliefs make sense or not. There're a lot of misguiding religions in this world and yet they've got a lot of believers. This is due to their ignorant of the truth - even if they are well-educated people, they tend to fall into this kind of trap without even realizing. They are blinded by the beautiful lies of those misleading priests or leaders. The same things happen when it goes to politic. We can see people fighting with their lives for their own leader of their country but the leader is exploiting and taking advantages of the people. Those influential leaders knows the weaknesses and flaws of the people, therefore they making use of them by giving them false hopes and beautified lies. Only those with clear mind and sharp eyes can see through all this and keep themselves awake. In the ancient time in China, there was one poet that knew he was the only one aware of the lies of the emperor and thus he said that he was the only one awake while others are drunk. Believing in wrong thing will result in doing the wrong thing. Sometimes it is small and sometimes it is big. For an instance, if someone believes that gambling can make him a fortune, not only he will get into big trouble but his family will suffer as well.

In brief, belief is something important in our lives. It decides how we are going to live our lives and what are we going to do. No one can run away from it, even a doubter believes in something. Thus it is crucial for us to know what we believe in and how true is it.

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