Friday, July 22, 2005


i just came back from college. exhausted. have not been sleeping early for a couple of days because of the malay project. tomoro i'll be presenting the project and the title for the assignment is "blog". hehe.

last night i had a weird dream, a really weird one. i dreamt that i went out sailing with a group of sailors, then we were maneuvering the ship to some place. When we got to the middle of the sea, out of nowhere there was this one giant squid attacking our ship and we had a really tough fight with it. the giant squid could spit out a kind of liquid that caused people to feel numb and itchy. eventually we fled coz we ran out of weapon and finally we got to te port safely. interesting right? heheh, i have had tons of weird yet interesting dreams and there was once i wanted to keep a diary of my dreams but it ended up nothing coz i was too busy. now i am thinking of keeping a blog of my dreams. anyway, it's just an idea, donno whether will it turn up.

n something happened in my course. i donno is this a big deal but i think it's quite serious. our course PM (printing manager: the person who is in charge of photocopying of the lecture notes) is involving in some kind of scam. he is dishonest in the matter of money and we found out that he lied bout certain things. i m the assistant pm. and now the committee members of our course want to sack him and i'll be the new PM. troublesome....imagine i have to take tons of notes to the lecture hall and distribute and no one would pay me for that and i'll be blamed if something goes wrong.....anyway, i m feeling grateful that my class guys r all quite frenly n helpful n i guess they can always lend me a hand....

today is the the exact 2 months i have been here. it took me 2 months to start to get along with my roommate, housemates, classmates and coursemates. there're 2 more months for me to stay here before going home. wat's goin to happen next? who knows? so juz let it and focus on present.

Beauty is in the eye's of beholder~

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