Wednesday, July 27, 2005

First time......

today while having the lecture, i asked one of my coursemate to go for basketball after that. he looked at me, and said in a weird tone

"i got something else to do, it'll be too tiring to do both at the same time....."

then with much curiosity i asked, "wat is that?"

he smiled and said, "y don u join us, hehehehe....."

i was like so confused and then he whispered to me and asked me whether i got guts to do that....hmmm, without much hesitation, i agreed to go with them....

haha, guess wat? i went for blood donation.

because there's a blood donation campaign in our school right now. from 25 july to 30 july. i was planning to go on this friday but since today my frens were goin so i joined them.

it was in sport complex, and we had some food and drinks before goin in. the first thing they asked us to do was weighing our own weights and continued by filling in a form. then we went tru a instance blood test by poking our finger tips to suck out a few drops of blood. my blood type is O. i never know until today. haha~

then, they checked our blood pressure and determined whether our health conditions were qualified to donate blood. one of my frens was disqualified as he was having cough. later, we were given a booklet and a pack to contain our blood. we waited for a couple of minutes and we were asked to sit on a bed-like chair. then, we waited for nurses to come. (nah, only got one ok nurse but she was so fierce~)

intially i was not scared or wat, but it was unnerving when i saw the nurse taking out the big big needle. before injection, my arm was tighten and i was given something to hld in my palm to let the vessel kind of like emboss. then i was injected with a anaesthetic medicine and the needle was penetrated into the upper part of the elbow. it was not very painful, but then it was freaking to have something penetrating tru ur skin, especially the softest skin. and the blood just flowed out so fast, i can see the thick and blackish red blood running tru the tube into the pack. it was not painful at all but my arm numbed. n i was asked to continuosly press the thing in my palm to quicken the flow of the blood. i think i was pretty healthy coz within 7 or 8 minutes i donated 450 ml of blood. but the one sitting beside me started the penetration earlier but his blood was not flowing out smooth causing the nurse to adjust the position of the needle.

after donating we again had some refreshment and chit-chat and then went home. i was a bit dizzy but still managed to get home. and i was in unconcious state from 530 to 8. exhausted. and one of my fren, kevin, he is so great that he donated blood and went for basketball straight away. awesome.

time to sleep, tomoro wake up earlier to study~ promised to call kevin (another kevin)on 430 am.

sport complex

my hand was tied~

blood started to flow out

yeah, my 450ml of blood~ bloodie~

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ImGodsLove said...

Dude,so what's your feeling then?Do you feel proud of urself?Do feel good knowing that what you did will contribute 2 the needy outthere??It's kinda fun and the most important,we are able 2 help those who really needs.God bless you,you done a good thing.First time leaving a comment.Hope you like it,haha!!Take care dude!!~~