Saturday, July 16, 2005


18th birthday, i got plenty of greeting from friends. was thinking to list all the names out. but it's too much....i got 30++ sms' for birthday...never knew so many of my friends remember my day :D i got a pencil case from annie n connie, my course mate. and a lil book mark from esther, my classmate. and wat suprised me the most was someone annouced my birthday in the lecture hall, causing everyone in the lecture hall looked at me n i got a birthday song sang by them. heheh

and, the cooking part was fun. i made some mayo mix vege potato egg, mushroom soup and bolognese spaghetti. hahaha, and my room mate bought me a cake~ heheh a capucino flavour cake. yum yum....:P

it's ready

bolognese spaghetti

mayo mix vege potato egg

mushroom soup

the cake is on fire~

Happy 18th birthday, Kai Wei (my name in chinese pronunciation)

capucino flavour cake~

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