Friday, July 15, 2005


ok.....i m officially 18

okok.....things i can do when i m 18
1. i can smoke and drink legally
2. i wont get caught when i go to pub
3. i can go to video arcade
4. i can apply for an indepedent ATM card under my own name
5. i can apply for a fixed phone line
6. i can donate my blood without parent's consent form
7. i can join malaysian idol without parent's signature
8. i can straight away be jailed once i commit crime
9. i can watch 18sx n 18sg movie in the cinema

things i cant do when i m 18
1. running around tellin people i m 17+
2. ......refuse to smoke n drink using under-age as an excuse

nonsence right...heheh, but this year birthday is so different. i m so far away from my hometown and my family and my frens...miss them so much. last year my frens bought me a big choco cake and i got tons of presents. well, so far i've received some sms and 3 cards and i got so early greetings by frens in college. i guess this is great...oh yeah, tomoro i m gonna cook speghetti for my housemate....hope that it'll turn out fine :D

well, quite some people in college knew that today is my birthday but i think i wont be getting anything coz still not close enough yet~ anyway, Happy Birthday to me.....


Princess Chuorb said...

hey kaevin!HAPPY BIRTHDY!thx in advanced for my share of speghetti ;P hope u have a memorable and wonderful birthday.have fun and life live to da fullest!rock on!!

joan-lynn said...


Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Kae Vin!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!

*throws confettis all around*

=) Heh. And of course, you missed me! LOL. Last year, I still recall calling you, and you singing in school!! ^__^