Monday, June 20, 2005

Wireless Internet Connection in Library~

I am now in my school library, with my laptop, connecting WIRELESSLY to internet~ wah so cool~!!!! :D

ok, i am here for a interesting story to tell~

hmm....below, will be the blog that i typed on Saturday night but did not blog it (my hostel still don have streamyx~!! so have to wait until today to blog it~)

(18/6/05 Saturday 11:37pm)


Alright, I am freaking exhausted right now yet I am going to blog. Should I don’t blog it right now, I cant sleep later…..

Ok, the stories started when I received a sms on Friday from a friend.

“I have something interesting for you to join, will call you later.”

Minutes later, I received her call.

“I have an TV advertisement for you. It’s about National Service Program.”




Anyway, I said yes on the spot. :P

Well, first of all I didn’t think that much coz I thought it’s only an ad that shown on government channel only and no one will even notice about it. Plus I can earn money if I give it a try. After all, it’s a all-new experience for me too.

So, on this morning, I woke up at 530am…..and got into my friend’s car to get to the Ad Company. Then, there was one bus that fetched all of us to Sri Perkasa, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan.

Alright, there were 17 of us to be the actors in this TV ad. The first thing we did was queuing up to get all the uniforms (a whole set of the full uniform with blue stripes, a complete set of sport attire and a set of class uniform which means we got 3 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of shoes…..and so on). The only thing we were not given was underwear. Hehehehe.

Ok, we were then required to put on the full uniform and gathered at the flying fox thingy. Then, we were asked to wear a kind of safety device that holds you on, which they call “hardness” (not sure, maybe I did not get the right word). And this is the saddest art. I have been really longing to play this flying fox for a very long time. But this morning I acted gentleman to let the girls play first. I thought there’ll be a second batch for the remaining. I was wrong, eventually I didn’t get to play this thing….. I have asked them but they said they were running short of time, so I couldn’t play it anymore. I was disappointed, really disappointed.

After having our breakfast (buffet style of very delicious nasi lemak), we rested and waited for the next event which was marching.

That was the fun part, coz I haven marched for 5 years (the last time I marched was standard 6) but I just managed to follow the orders and steps. It’s not so good though. Somehow, we at least marched under the 12 o’clock sun for 1 hour to get the perfect shoot. It’s just so frustrating…..wearing the thick uniform under the hot sun. I could even feel the heat of the tar based field although I am wearing a pair of boots.

We had a break for lunch. And we proceeded our shooting with all kind of sports, e.g. ping pong, soccer, sepak takraw, volleyball and netball for girls. It was sort of fun too~ we played like normal and they took the shot. But for some scene, that they had already planned earlier, we would have to complete it….. I was chosen for a volleyball scene, that one opponent of mine will strike the ball and my team mate and I try to stop but unsuccessful. That 4 seconds scene had cost me half an hour under the sun with the temperature of 38’C. When we were playing soccer, the producers and cameramen asked us to generate a corner kick continued by a head goal. That particular scene took us some time. Anyway, I think the effect is going to be cool~!

And then we took a jogging scene beside a lake and did some shooting in the class and ended the shooting at 7pm. Then we kinda had a durian feast and boarded the bus home.

This is the whole process of shooting the advertisement….

Somehow, there was something that I shouldn’t have said it here…..but I choose to say too…. Well, when we were having our break for lunch, I was asked to be interviewed to tell how I think about this NS and my previous experience in the camp after completed my training. Something’s wrong right? I’ve never been on a NS training before~!! Anyway, the producer said that this was only for reservation in case it was needed. I think the main reason that I was chosen for this task because there’re lotsa Chinese refused to attend this NS and I am the only Chinese guy over there. Got what I mean?

This is also the first time I have to chance to mix with so many friends others than Chinese. I have lotsa Chinese friends, some Indian friends but I don’t have any Malay friends. This advertising thing had opened up a door for me to mix with them. It’s ironic right? I am a Malaysian but I don’t have any Malay friends. Today, I just found out that they are quite nice to be with. I mean, for sure when we are strangers we’ll try to keep the distance to protect our own selves but after doing some activities together we are easily become close. This seldom happens among Chinese. It probably takes more time to get close among Chinese. IMO, this is because Malay guys they are way more sporting than Chinese guys. They’ll follow the order and try their best to complete the task or job given, unlike Chinese (sad to say but this is the truth lar) who tend to do something only for their own good. I am not being criticism but it’s so true…. Of coz everyone will have their own good and bad side…. oklar, what I am trying to say is that today is my first time to mingle with Malay friends and I found that quite friendly and helpful. This is just a little piece of opinion from someone who has been studying Chinese school for 11 years (primary and secondary school) and now is still in college consists of 99% of Chinese. You don’t have to agree with me.

And the purpose of this advertisement is to remind and alert those who are chosen for the third batch starting on 10th of July. Meaning that, it’ll be shown very soon. And according to the producer, this 40 seconds ad will take place in TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8TV and channel in Astro which means allllll TV channels in Malaysia. This gave me the shock of my life….. I am the only Chinese guy who looks so fair among them…..for sure I’ll easily draw the attention and……. I cant imagine those who know me push their faces on the TV screen to see whether who the hell that looks so familiar…….arghh……. Have I done something wrong?

Oh yeah, forgot to tell, I didn’t cut my freaking long hair to play in this ad, and they didn’t bother either. So I am wondering will there anyone get the wrong idea that there’s no certain rules to cut the hair short? I think it’s going to cause some misunderstandings. Don’t blame me on that lar….ok? :P

By the way, I have no idea how much will they pay me. They said that they are going to pay me in a week’s time.. so I’ll juz have to wait lar. :D and, i am quite lucky too, coz this advertisement thing didn't require me to go for audition or casting~! :D

And I am so freaking dark right now…….hahaha.

I look damned nice in this jerowong~!! wuahahaha~ :P

cool~ right :D hehehehe

took this in the doom...i am facing a mirror lar

There'll be new photos uploaded. coz these photos i took them with my handphone so they're kind of blur and ugly....still waiting for those who brought digital camera on that day to send the nicer photos to me....:D soon will upload them~

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this is so cool. haha. pity nobody commented. and yes, Malays are so nice to mix with