Friday, June 03, 2005

TARC Computer lab

yo, i m now in the computer lab of TARC. the air-cons r freezing here.....hehe, well, classes have already started.....i have had several classes these few days

life is cool here. got to know lotsa new friends..from all over malaysia.

i m trying to adapt myself to this whole new environment and i guess i m doin fine.

asking my parents to buy me a new laptop n i can go online in my own hostel also......n i am attending Setapak Gospel Centre....a small but great church :)

oklar, i got class at 10....tata


Yellow Porcupine said...

yup ...
there's free bus from TARC to CT HARVEST ...
join lah ct harvest or acts (Both r in SUBANG) !!

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me wat is setapak gospel church website???