Saturday, June 04, 2005


Yesterday soon after my class finished at 3.30 i went KLCC Tanjung Golden Village Cinema to watch madagascar with Teik Ch'n.

we were so damned lucky. when we reached there it was 430 and the schedule for madasgascar was 4.45, 5.45, and 6.40. the first 2 plays were shown Fully Booked and it left only 6.40. if we happened to watch 6.40 then we might not get LRT back. Somehow, when i asked the counter about the show she said there's 2 seats left for 4.45 play. haha, then we straight away got our tickets and went for the movie....thank God if not we might end up overnight in KLCC :P heheheh

well madagascar is a good show. The animation's smooth and realistic...especially the sea part....and it's quite funny too, the psyco penguins make me laugh like mad in the cinema...and it's somehow touching for the friendship theme.....and i'd like to quote wat Marty (the zebra) says in that movie

"Why don't you give this place a chance? It might be more fun than you think." (something similiar lar, cant remember the whole sentence but the meaning is there)

hmm, this quote might apply to me. i mumble a lot bout the college i m now studying, perhaps i should just give it a chance or wat....

and i got 2 friends who r rather close to me right now. Edwin and Kevin...(told u this is the world of KVs) Both of them come from PJ, and they r so funny and nice to be with. Edwin is my classmate so we stick together all the time and Kevin is Edwin's buddy and he is my coursemate. hmmm, both of them have already taken STPM....quite old isn't it? :P anyway, this Kevin looks really entao and lengzai....but wat a pity he got gf already so no chance for u anymore....don think too much....

hmmm, catching up everything the lecturers taught, started to realize that're lotsa things that i never learnt in SPM......anyway, i m confident that i can do well...:)

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