Saturday, June 25, 2005

Initial D~

Thursday, my course got 18 people goin to KLCC TGV to watch Initial D.

Guess wat? they sold our seat to others~!!! meaning there were people holding tickets of the whole row that we bought. when we were seated, people came claiming that the seats were theirs. and we both held the same tickets. then we complaint and the person in charge went and settled the problem by arranging seats for us and the movie started.

but after half an hour, suddenly the screen blacked out and the crowd started to make noise. and the operator announced and asked us to wait for some moment.

but then after 20minutes waiting in the cinema, the operator announced that due to technical problem, the movie was called off.....and we had to use our tickets to dead.

after claiming back the money, my friends suggested to go buy DVD in Petalling Street (Ci Qiong Kai) we drove all the way up there, just to discover that Initial D DVD was not out yet~!

then we all went back, exhausted.

on friday, my friend told me, he called up his fren who works in KLCC TGV, he said that the movie was called off not because of technical problem, but because of the repeated tickets. in order to prevent us from using the repeated tickets to suet them....awful........

then, in the evening, we went to watch again....and finally we watched the movie.

and the movie is damn nice....really really nice......go watch it if u haven watched yet~!

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