Thursday, June 23, 2005

Contemporary Dance~??!!?!?

All students in TARC r required to join at least one sport activity to gain 2 credit hour in order to sit for the final exam. should anyone does not have credit hours, he will be barred from the exam.

meaning that, everyone has to take up at least 1 sport activity. well, in my plan, i was going to join basketball, or swimming. but thing didn't go right. there were 3 days for us to register. and i went at the third. for god's sake, all activities were full. there were 5 choices, which r basketball, volleyball, swimming, net ball and contemporary dance. the only one left is contemporary dance....without much choices, i signed up for it.....coz i don't want to wait until the second's troublesome..

and today i have my very first meeting.....guess wat? today's lesson is cha cha......we were taught by an ah gua with short but thick and curly and wavy's so dead.....and i have to learn up dance steps and moves...anyway, it'ok for me....coz there're lotsa of pretty chicks in this dancing activity....haha, the only advantage. well, i heard people saying we'll be learning break dance too....yeah, that's cool. looking forward to that. and i guess learning cha cha should do no harm to me and perhaps bring profits to me in the future... :)
so, don give a damn~!

oh yeah, i have taken up violin classes too...this is not compulsory, but it's my dream....i have been longing to play violin since i was, this is the first step of realizing it. i'll be using the money that i earned when i worked to pay for the fees and buy a second hand violin form my friend.

huuuu....guess that wat i wanna say. i have class on 12. hmm, tomoro will go to KLCC with my classmates to watch Initial D~!! they booked 12 tickets....hahah, should be a very huge bunch of people goin to together, cool huh? :D

-tarc computer lab

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