Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This is my home, Nibong Tebal~

This blog entry is specially dedicated for my home town, Nibong Tebal. (sorry for 56k modem users, it may take forever to load all the photo that maybe meaningless to you)

This is the place i worked last month, a.k.a "GONG QI"

Icekacang with ice cream~ yummy~!

Penang Delicacy, Laksa~!

Laksa with prawn sauce and prawn cracker

Eat eat~

My boss~

Scene of the main street in Nibong Tebal

This is the famous sea food restaurant in Nibong Tebal, crab porridge is recommended

The famous digital photo studio, Guang Yee

One of the old historical buildings

Nibong Tebal Gospel Hall

This street is known as "GUA CHA KEI" (Coffin Street) as on it own has 6 coffin shops.

The railway bridge

The railway brigde accross Krian River

A common path in Nibong Tebal

Road that leads to Tunku Abdul Rahman High School

Staircase leading to the pathway on the main entrance of Nibong Tebal, a bridge.

Side look of the bridge

Another perspective of the bridge

Yet another perspective of the bridge

Going downward will lead to Nibong Tebal

Take the U-turn to go underneath the bridge to Nibong Tebal

Thank you for your kindness and patient if you make it this far :)

P/S->Special Thanks to Aik Leong for helping me out...

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