Sunday, May 15, 2005


I am offered the 4-year-course, Electronic Engineering at UTAR, with the one year foundation in KTAR, KL.

If u go around, u'll be hearing bloody rumors e.g. lecturers in TAR suck, n how awful is the environment over there, and eeeeee.....all the students there speak chinese.....

So wat? don give a damn anymore. I applied everything i know, n everything got rejected. (JPA, Matriculation, Asean Scholarship) And i m 100% pure chinese, don mind speaking mandarin everyday.....

nah, i juz don wanna go back to Jit Sin Form 6 although i love the school, i love my previous hostel life, i love the basketball field, i love the food in Taman Sri Rambai, i love my frens who r still in school, and i never wore long pants in school uniform (form 6 will grant a chance for this), but i juz don wanna take up STPM.

STPM, they say it's the world second toughest Pre-U exam. Is that the reason stopping me to take it? Probably no. er.....the real reason, i wanna fly as far as i could. longing for freedom, i guess.

regardless, the bottom line is, God has wanted me to live a life that's not according to my will. i guess i have to follow God's word, the users' guidelines of life. and i truly believe, someday, somehow, it'll blossom into something unpredictable yet lovely. :)

Will be leaving for KL this Thursday.....still haven packed up.....n still in a sleepy laggy slacky mood.....

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