Sunday, May 22, 2005

Genting Court

Genting Court, that's the place I m currently staying......

Saturday, I went KL with not much passion nor excitment. N i thought i've already got a place to stay and when i called up the one who was my should-be-roommate, he told me i m not staying with him...he was gonna find another room for me.

so, my parent drove him with us around too look for notices for room to let. After calling up lotsa them, we eventually happened to get a place in genting court, the place i m staying right now. hehe, i m now staying with a bunch of people that i totally have no idea who they r. anyway, it seems to be ok. still getting along well. oh yeah, about the place i m staying right now, it's a residential flat, 12th floor. it's quite a nice place coz it's convenient to dine out and there're rows of shops around but it's quite a distance from my college, so i have to take bus to school everyday. it only takes 5-10 minutes though.

my room mate is taking the same course as me (1 year foundation, 4 year degree for electronic engineering) but he took it one year earlier. so he is like kinda my senior and i can refer lotsa stuffs to him. that's cool for a freshman like me.

the school orientation week will be starting this tuesday. so i guess there'll be lotsa fun. looking forward to that.

hmmmm......thus a new life, i have started.

p/s -> oh ya, i m now in a cyber cafe around. kind of fun here. :)


joan-lynn said...

Wow wow wee wah. A senior. Food which are reach-able. College 5-10 minutes away. Orientation week. Cyber cafe. You having fun. You are just so blessed!!

specialhuman said...

know wat? i juz discover there's a swimming pool~! :) heheheh, cool right?