Wednesday, May 25, 2005

First Day of Orientation in KTAR

it's raining outside, it's cold inside this cyber cafe, i m sorta having fever. it's definitely not a good idea to go extra miles from my condo to this comfortable but freeezing cyber cafe to blog.

however, i feel so strong to come here to blog. lotsa stories to tell. :)

so, to making this blog entry easier to read, i m gonna divide this orientation into some parts.

first of all it's the whole day schedule of today. 8am, all freshmen were summoned to the college hall for the mass call. it was something like opening ceremony or wat-so-ever i don care. then all students were arranged into different lecture halls according to the course taken. those lectures gave us some pep talks and you-know-wat kind of speech, like warning us not to fail etc etc. then, we were taken to some kinda "audition" for the orientation night on july. Orientation Night is like a talent show-off night for those who r good in singing, dance and good-looking, ya, good looking. then after that it was a short break for us to have lunch. we proceeded to our particular lecture halls to be orientated by the senior who were have taken the same course. (for eamples, diploma school of technology, diploma school of business, a-level, Certificate of Pre-U Studies a.k.a CPS) we were taken around to get used to the environment. then, it ended around 4 or 5. and everyone went home.

it sounds pretty usual right? somehow, i've got some stories to tell here....

Part I

it began when we all freshmen were lining up outside the college hall to get a t-shirt, a filecase with booklets and a stamp on the offer letter. then, we all changed the t-shirt and obediently walked into the hall. on the back of the t-shirt, it was printed "PROUD TO BE TARCian~" (TARC stands for tunku abdul rahman college). ok, that was fine with me. like others, i wore the shirt and went in the hall. then, the mass call started off sharp on 8am. 2 emcees stepped out the stage, and began with a welcome. somehow, after listening to some conversation and talks of the couple of emcees, i started to sweat off. they were so unprofessional~! first of all, their english sucks~! esspecially the female m.c., she spoke terrible, horrible and vegetable broken english! and she spoke the most all the time and it was juz so unbearable to hear english like "when the pricipal is arrive (arrived?), please...." or "I PLOMISE i'll......" and a lot more.

Argh.....i m not acting so stuck-up but come to think of it, emcees r like the representive of the college side and they should be at least giving us, freshmen a good impression. Were them taking us too lightly (not worth to work hard for)? or they thought that we r a bunch of morons that will not really notice those fatal mistakes? or TARC is so lack of talented people, emmm, perhaps a good english speaker?? This really made me feeling ashame for wearing the "PROUD TO BE TARCian" Tshirt......

Part II

today, i got to know lotsa new friends....and seriously, i found out the world is full of KEVINs.
Like in the icebreaking session, i shook my hand with lotsa people and said, "i m kevin, wat's ur name?" then there was a couple of times that i bang into another "kevin" or "kelvin" or "Calvin" or "Kevin" with the pronaunciation of "Cavan". I cant really remember how many KEVINs were there. but it was freakin when u saw so many people having the same name (including me~!!!!! ok, not the spelling, pronounciation alone is enough) it was hilarious when i juz introduced myself to another kevin, while still hadn't finished laughing, a latecomer that was called out and been asked "wat's ur name" replied with the answer "Kevin"

OH a world full of KEVINs (thank God my dad foresees that by naming me KAE VIN)

Part III

My CPS course got some cool seniors~! yeah, really cool dudes and gals. unlike the awful lousy digusting emcee i mentioned just now, they can really speak fluent and smooth english. hmmm, u know that kind of english in the show Pillow Talk? it was juz nice to hear.
ok, ok, back to the title. well, u know, i had some conversation with those seniors that took same course as mine and i was anxious and nervous to know that whether will i get the waiver of tuition fees or scholarship provided by TARC due to my 11A's results. Argh, once they found out i got 11A's, their reaction were so negative~!

"aiyo, u got 11A's should go somewhere else to get scholarship. TARC doesn't suit u."
"y don u study at other places?"
" u should have applied for something else~!"

i got the shock of my life when one of the senior yelled at me after i told her i got 11A's


it really messed up my mind. stick to wat i decided earlier, if i got local matriculation for my appealling, i'll for sure go for it.

Part IV

One thing i feel good about being in TARC is there were so many hot chicks~! it was so eye candy walking around TARC, hot chicks really pampered my eye...:)

of coz there were pretty many of those goodlooking guys, for example i m one of them..(hehe, wat do u think) anyway, today something happened and it really struck me. hehe, not really lar, juz feeling so self-pity. hehehe, the stories started like this :

one of the audition for the orietation night is to choose Mr. and Mrs TARC. It's like beauty contest. and those audition comittees were nuts~! they actually walked around and caught people into audition. i was caught in the morning and asked to sing with a guitar. so i jzu sang and left. without much anxienty to get in the orientation night or wat. ok, off the explanation, then the thing happened when i was walking side by side with Kelvin (told u there're a lot of K.Vs) from ipoh. he was taking the same course as mine and he got a superb charming handsome goodlooking face with at least 180cm and a broad shoulder. we were talking and out of all sudden the audition comittee came and said "oh, why not u go to the audition? u r really suitable~! come i'll take u."

ok, understood wat i m trying to say? he said that to Kelvin, without even looking at me~!!! confidence broke into pieces.......*sigh*

Pretty funny huh?

Conclusion comes my conclusion. TARC is a college with really good environment (the scenery inside the college is awesome), it's cert is widely recognized by most of the companies, so, i'll stay here if i happens to not be chosen for local matriculation... :)

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VJ said...

Ur orientation was far better than TAYLOR's !!
:S ...
Taylor's = stingyans...
Schlorships only for those who register before the SPM results is out !!....
And they only offer full schlorship for 11A1(p.s. Certain subs are not counted !!)
So u'r joining the CT Harvest church there?
few BM c'tians frens r attendin dat church !!