Saturday, May 21, 2005


watched STAR WARS Episode 3, the revenge of the sith today....wat a great movie, worth buying rm9 ticket to watch it :)

I went there with jason, ghee hee and ram. ghee hee and ram r jason's fren. so got to know them. such funny guys heheh~

well, we found out the jedi master, master Yoda in that show speaks "reversely" with the object or verb in front. for examples, "Go, i will", "Close, with them I am", "Darkness, now he is in"...etc etc....and we said it's the master way of speaking and we tried imitate him. eventually it ended up hilarious~

anyway, hmmm. this blog is to bid farewell. tomoro i m goin to kl, ktar to pursue my studies. hmmm...i donno where m i staying though...:D found a place yet not knowing who m i staying with and where m i staying. so, i guess this is life.

still haven finished packing up.....hehe, 8 more hours b4 leaving, more than enough....

n i think i will not have internet access temporarily. don give a damn.

so bye bye.

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Niel said...

I'm a fan of SW...and Yoda is so cool!!