Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Basketball Fight + Car Breaking Down

I drove to my school yesterday, to seek for some advice from the counsellor for my future studies. and becoz the form 6 has been starting that time, i happened to meet up with lotsa frens that i did not see for a long time....(well, half a year should be a long time)

I was about to go back around 12 oclock. however, i met a fren of mine n he asked me to stay back, to watch movie, to play basketball, to go K-zone (the newly open cyber cafe), to find frens, to chill out......somehow have fun.

I got no choice actually, we really haven seen each other for such a long time and we have no idea when will we meet up again. So, i drove to Kulim to fetch a fren of mine to BM and gave a ride to his pretty hot sister.
We called up frens, and they all were going to AGARDEN basketball field at 5. so we went there.

AGARDEN basketball was full of my frens. i was overexcited to see all of them. The whole jit sin basketball team was there, i would say. then we started to play, to have fun. well, that's kind of cool beczo one more week we all will be goin to different places to study, so it's cool for us to meet up and i guess that was the last time we all played basketball together.

however it turned into a disaster when there were lotsa "stranger" (to me) joining. Actually, we (the jit sin basketball team) were the outsideer there, coz there was not our place where we usually play basketball. and those people they felt that we shouldn't play there coz that was not our "domain" they tried to beat us out by forming teams playing with us....and they cou'd beat us...that made them mad. so they started to play rudely......elbowing and kneeing.....more like a fighting. even me, the tamest, mildest, tenderest player was threated with DO-U-WAN-A-PIECE-OF-ME playing style. they were trying to pick up a fight with us~! my frens shouted at me asking me to go out from the field. and we all went back straight away. it's pointless to pick up a fight with those punks. they were no sporting.

somehow, i still have to fetch my frens home. n the car petrol meter was running out, so i filled my car up. It somewhat turned into a disaster when i drove home at about 8pm.....the car started to shiver like crazy. halfway driving the car engine halted and immediately i stopped the car by the roadside. rather unlucky, my handphone battery was about to run down. so i made my 2 last call, one to my mum telling her i couldn't be home, and another one to my fren ah hau, asking him to come giving me a hand.

so my fren came, we tried several times to start the car engine but it juz didn't work out. n we didn't have any idea coz the temperature meter was normal and i juz filled the car with petrol. without much choices, i left the car there and went to my fren's house for a night.

the second morning, i went to look for a foreman to check out wat's wrong with my car. the time when the foreman came, he started the engine right away without problem....and he checked the engine, the petrol, the gas pump.....and he said they were all alright, it's juz the water tank got no enough water, that's all. so i took his name card and drove the car that one hour journey goin home i juz couldn't help but so worried, wat if the car engine halt again? thank God finally i made my way home. n i was grateful that my car had chosen a right time to run riot. i wonder if the car engine halted when i was halfway driving in the highway at the speed of 120km/h, then i'll sure got bang by the car behind of me....

another thing i felt grateful is that i got frens who can help me out when i had trouble. if not i would have ended up sleeping by the roadside.....

Jit Sin 2004 Graduated Basketball team reunion @ AGARDEN

A last time playing together i guess.

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