Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Am I Duped?

I am in a dilemma right now.

Suddenly I have nowhere to stay for my college. Out of all sudden, I was told that a room is too small for 2 people to stay in.

So, I've got no place to stay. and I've seen true colour.

Thank you

I thought that I could always count on you,
I thought that nothing could come between us two.
We said as long as we would stick together,
We’d be alright,We’d be ok.
But I was stupid And you broke me down
I’ll never be the same again.*

*So thank you for showing me,
That best friends can not be trusted,
And thank you for lying to me,
Your friendship and good times we had you can have them back.*

I wonder why it always has to hurt,
For every lesson that you have to learn.
I won’t forget what you did to me,
How you showed me things,
I wish I’d never seen.
But I was stupid a
nd you broke me down,
I’ll never be the same again.*

When the tables turn again,
You’ll remember me my friend,
You’ll be wishing I was there for you.
I’ll be the one you’ll miss the most,
But you’ll only find my ghost.
As time goes by,
You’ll wonder why,
You’re all alone. *

What a nice and real song by simple plan~ *shrugs*

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joan-lynn said...

Hmm...That sounds awful. Will keep you in prayer. Sigh. Hope you find a place to stay soon. Cheer up, okay? I'm sure there will be a way. With God, all things are possible! :)