Thursday, May 26, 2005

2nd Audition~

Haha, i am back blogging within 2 days, bye bye one and a half bucks...

well, today i got reason, i m checking for the local matriculation second intake~! but it seems like our government is kinda slacking off (as always...) so, i guess i'll just take the phone number and call tomoro.

remember the Orientation Night i said in the previous post? which they r having some kinda audition right now? n i said i was caught into the audition room right? guess wat? today i walked pass a counter and a girl stepped near and asked

"have u joined our first audition? if yes please come to check out whether u r moving on to the next stage.."

without much confidence (hehe), i went up to the pretty chick there and tell her my name

"kae vin, goh kae vin."

"let me see.....oh, congrats, u passed the first audition for singing category and king and queen category (kind of beauty contest that i mentioned in the previous post), please go to the same venue for second audition today or tomoro. thank you."

then i was juz wow, amazing. felt so unexpected yet so excited.....i m not having inner beauty alone~ muahahahahahahahahahaha~!!!

hmm, by the way, today i've somehow changed my perception about TARC coz today really got people stunt me~! today there was an orientation quiz and the 2 hosts spoke really good english it was so different from the emcee on the first day (which i mentioned on the previous post)

watched American Idol was juz idiotic especially the part where Simon declared his love to the mirror.....hilarious....Carrie is the American Idol~ no doubt, i think she deserves it, more than Bo at least....

oklar better off now, it's 12 thirty already....

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